February 2022 State of Play could feature Hogwarts Legacy

The unconfirmed PlayStation event could see Warner Bros. reveal more of Hogwarts Legacy for the first time in a while.

Sony has held major PlayStation events every February since skipping E3 back in 2018. Thus, it makes sense that Sony is planning to hold another one for the fourth straight February. But, while Sony hasn't confirmed the event yet, more details have begun to emerge about the games that Sony and PlayStation might show off at the unannounced State of Play showcase.

It's been a year since fans heard more from Warner Bros. and Hogwarts Legacy.

Is Sony going to hold a State of Play event next month?

PlayStation will want to hype up Sifu before it is released on February 8.

Tom Henderson recently talked about a potential State of Play event in February 2022. Back then, he didn't mention any games that Sony and PlayStation might show off. However, in a recent video, Henderson shed more light about when the next State of Play event might happen and what might be featured. According to him, the February State of Play event could happen on February 3 and open with trailers for Sifu and Horizon Forbidden West. Both are set to release on February 8 and 18, respectively. Furthermore, Henderson hinted that Warner Bros. might show more of Hogwarts Legacy by then.

Everything Henderson just said about a potential State of Play event in February 2022 makes sense and he even gave examples. Previously, Sony held showcases before Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Deathloop were released last year. A Hogwarts Legacy showcase at the unannounced State of Play also lines up with recent rumors.

What's even more interesting is the latter part of Henderson's latest video. The trusted insider mentioned that Sony is planning another State of Play event in late March that would focus on the PSVR2, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and God of War: Ragnarok. Finally, Henderson ended his video by saying that Sony could release all The Last of Us projects this year, including HBO's live-action adaptation.

Once again, this is all speculation. Henderson himself added that all of his "guesses" are "based on this month's media events and past PlayStation dates."

Of course, Henderson has proven himself to be a source of credible information several times in the past. At the very least, we should circle our calendars for the first week of February and the last week of March. Besides, as we've already mentioned, everything said this latest video makes sense.

God of War: Ragnarok is still slated to release this 2022, with the most recent rumor suggesting a September launch. In addition, the sightings of Ghostwire Tokyo being rated in Brazil and Korea would mean that the Tango Gameworks title is close to being released.

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