Fastest Method To Level Up In Warzone (Weapons, Battle Pass Tier & Player)


If you're a new player getting into Modern Warfare via its free-to-play Battle Royale mode, Warzone, then chances are that your weapons are not leveled up right away. On the other hand, those of you who already own the full version of the game are probably going to have most of your attachments unlocked.

This guide is for the former category, helping you unlock everything you need to put together your preferred build.

Unlike some of the previous Call Of Duty games, attachments hold great importance in Warzone. From having a gun with almost no recoil to high penetrating power, you can tailor your weapons to fit your play style.

In this guide, we will show you the fastest method to level up not just your weapons but also your player level and the Battle Pass Tier.

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The Method

If you wish to gain XP quickly then you need to do as many Contract Missions as you can.

Contract Missions pay significant in-game currency that can be spent at Buy Stations. Additionally, Contract Missions are also extremely effective for leveling up, due to the added bonus they provide upon completion.

Let's look at the best approach to farming Contract Missions.

Best Contract Missions for XP

If you want to level up quickly, you need to focus on the Scavenger and Recon missions.

Both can be completed quicker than Bounty Contracts, which are much riskier.  If you're confident in your skills, the Bounty mission is still a decent source of XP, but assuming that not a lot of players following this guide are going to have good attachments for their weapons, it's best to go for safer options.

How the Bonuses Work

This strategy works on the basis of receiving Contract bonuses as you complete them. Each time you complete a Contract, your Contract Bonus stat is increased by 1 (but is reset at the beginning of every match). The higher your cumulative Bonus stat, the greater the rewards you get upon completing Contracts. Each point increases the next reward roughly by 20-30%.

If you manage to complete at least six contracts successfully during a single match then you have a higher chance of receiving a massive XP and cash bonus on your 7th one. This is extremely useful if you're doing the Scavenger Contract as you also get good loot. You can carry out Recon Contract Missions as well for the added advantage of knowing the final circle's location, so that you and your squad-mates can plan ahead accordingly.

Always Use Your Preferred Weapon

This is important. Make sure you are holding your desired weapon in your hands when you complete the Contract. You get the Weapon XP for the weapon you are currently holding, so always remember to switch to the weapon you want to rank up.

This is similar to the Munitions Box method where you equip the weapon you wish to refill the ammo for before deploying the box. You can always set your Weapon in the Custom Loadout.

Doing 2-3 contracts will earn you enough cash to buy a Custom Loadout Drop Marker which you can use to get the Weapon you want to upgrade.

This also levels up your Battle Pass Tier extremely fast, and you receive extra rewards for doing so. If there is a double XP and cash week then definitely make use of this strategy as it will help you level up even faster.

Friends & Modes

Doing this with friends makes it much faster, but communication is key for success. You can also do it in a solo game - just focus on your Contracts and try to avoid any gunfights.

Plunder is also good for this strategy as you won't have to order a Custom Loadout Crate. Recon missions are available in this game mode as well even if there is no circle - but that won't make this contract type any less popular. It still gives a good amount of cash and XP so be wary of your surroundings either way. You can always go for Bounty Contracts since you won't have to worry about dying and not being able to respawn.

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