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Fast X will include another guest cameo

A new rumor suggests that a post-credits scene will feature a mystery character, which may or may not be a former cast member.

Will we be seeing the return of Gisele to the franchise?

The Fast & Furious franchise has made good use of post-credit scenes as a setup for future installments of the franchise. Continuing the tradition, Fast X will definitely feature a post-credits scene and, according to the rumors, it might include a cameo from a mysterious character.

The latest edition of The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision reveals that Fast X's post-credits scene "may or may not have a guest cameo."

This new information suggests that a post-credits scene was recently filmed after the movie wrapped up filming a year ago. However, the rumor didn't reveal who the character will be, but many have a hunch.

Despite her absence, the franchise has continued to add to her story.

The Fast and Furious franchise has seen a number of guest characters throughout the series. Given that Fast and Furious 11 will close out the mainline series, we'll likely see the return of a fan-favorite character.

Many fans believe that the cameo is none other than Gal Gadot, who plays Gisele, the love interest of Sung Kang's Han, a supposedly deceased character who was "resurrected" in F9. Several rumors have suggested that the Wonder Woman star will reprise her role in the franchise.

Now that she's mostly free of her DCEU shackles, we don't see any reasons why Vin Diesel won't bring her back to her family for one final ride.

Recall that Gisele died during the final moments of Fast & Furious 6. The former Mossad agent sacrificed her life in order to protect Han. Despite being killed off, the franchise continued to add bits and pieces to her story. A deleted scene in Furious 7 revealed that Gisele found Letty after she was nearly killed by Fenix Calderon and took her to the hospital.

F9 also added that Gisele worked with Mr. Nobody when he was running operations in South America for the CIA. It was her death that made Mr. Nobody track down Han in Tokyo to as for his help in a mission, stating that Gisele’s faith in him is what assured him that Han can be trusted.

Dwayne Johnson's return seems unlikely given his feud with Vin Diesel.

A less likely candidate to return to the franchise is Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs. The character has been a mainstay of the franchise since Fast Five. However, Johnson has had a real-life feud with Diesel, making his return somewhat unlikely. Jason Momoa has reportedly replaced Johnson in the franchise as well.

Fans will get to know who this mysterious character is when Fast X arrives in theaters on May 19.

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