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Fast X showcases new high octane trailer

Dom and the crew are up against a very formidable foe in the latest trailer for Fast X ahead of its premiere on May 19.

Dom takes on Dante in the newest trailer for Fast X.

The Fast and Furious franchise just keeps on growing. For the latest official trailer for Fast X, Universal Pictures is shining the spotlight on the series' biggest baddie to date, Dante Reyes, who is played by Jason Momoa

The Fast franchise has seen enemies use tanks, giant aircraft, and even a rogue satellite. In the latest trailer for Fast X, we can see the Toretto crew dealing with a giant rolling pinball bomb in the streets of Rome. Dom made good use of his car to direct the careering bomb away from the population and into a body of water.

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The new trailer also highlights how much of a threat Dante is to the family. We see him orchestrate the giant rolling bomb plot where he fearlessly basks in the fallout. Dante also attacks members of the Toretto family as he seeks revenge for the death of his father. At one point in the trailer, Cipher warns Dom that "the devil's coming," suggesting that Dante is a bigger threat than Charlize Theron’s cyberterrorist character.

The crew returns to Brazil where Dom and Dante engage in a street race to settle the score. The film goes back to its roots where street races are used as major plot elements.

One scene that caught our attention is where Sung Kang’s Han and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw reunite. Shaw mentions to Han that they will be digging some graves. The two were involved in a plot to fake Han’s death which was explained in F9.

Fast X is the penultimate film of the series and looks to pull out all the stops. There are big action set pieces with explosions and massive car chases. Dom’s iconic 1970 Dodge Charger R/T looks to be heavily featured in the film. We also get to see John Cena’s Jakob drive a "cannon car" along with Dom’s son Brian.

Jason Momoa's Dante is the newest baddie in the series.

The upcoming film will be the first half of the two-part conclusion to the series. Fast X sees the addition of Brie Larson’s Tess as a part of the family. The film also stars Daniela Melchior as Isabel and Alan Ritchson as Agent Aimes. Puerto Rican actor Rita Moreno will play Abuelita, the grandmother of Dom, Jakob, and Mia.

Fast X will be directed by series newcomer Louis Leterrier. The director is best known for his work in the first two Transporter movies. He also directed The Incredible Hulk and Clash of the Titans.

Fast X is racing to theaters on May 19.

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