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Fast travel might be coming to GTA Online this winter

GTA Online's winter update is expected to come out anytime within the next few weeks.

Fast Travel Coming Gta Online Winter Scaled
It looks like getting around Los Santos in GTA Online will be easier in a few weeks.

For some reason, Rockstar Games has refused to add fast travel to Grand Theft Auto Online. But, if we believe the most recent set of rumors, fast travel is in fact coming to GTA Online. What's better is that the latest word on the grapevine is that it's coming soon, like a "winter update" kind of soon.

According to Gaming Detective, the feature will be part of the annual winter update for GTA Online, among other things. Before you claim this is just speculation, the source posted an image of the in-game files that supposedly contain details of the upcoming winter update. It also includes other stuff like a character named "Dax" and the potential return of "Wade", a close friend of one of the best GTA protagonists ever, Trevor Philips.

As previously mentioned, GTA Online already has a fast travel feature. Unfortunately, the current solutions aren't convenient and they're fairly limited. The Casino can only drop you off at select locations and you need to be a CEO to have access to a helicopter, which is not able to land anywhere.

Fingers crossed, the upcoming fast travel mechanic will let players go anywhere around the map in GTA Online, albeit with restrictions to prevent abuse.

Having said that, fans are excited to find out the role of Wade in GTA Online.

Fast Travel Coming Gta Online Winter
Fast travel in GTA Online has been highly requested for years.

In other news, Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive recently banned cryptocurrencies and NFTs from GTA Online. Also, Microsoft believes Rockstar will release GTA 6 by 2024.

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