Fast and Furious 12 might be on the table after Universal Pictures asked for it

It appears that the end of the road isn't quite as near as expected after Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez teased another installment.

F9 didn't do particularly well with critics and the global box office, which is why some believe that the series should end sooner rather than later.

The Hollywood action star, Vin Diesel, who's best known for his role as Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise, recently teased a piece of thrilling news for the series' fans.

As part of the ongoing press tour for Fast X, Diesel as well as his long-time co-star, Michelle Rodriguez, who plays his on-screen beau, Letty Ortiz, joined Variety to take more about the future of the Fast and Furious series.

When the topic of the end of the road came up, Diesel and Rodriguez shared positive news, saying:

Going into making this movie, the studio asked if this could be a two-parter.

And after the studio saw this one, they say, 'Could you make Fast X the finale, a trilogy?

Rodriguez then added, "It's three acts in any story."

They say that three is a crowd but that apparently isn't stopping Universal Pictures from extending Fast and Furious by one more film.

Vin Diesel might be better off not listening to Universal Pictures if Fast X doesn't do well at the global box office.

Diesel played a pivotal role in the continued success of the racing films. With his recent hint at a 12th installment, he's kept the excitement alive among the franchise's millions of fans.

Universal's decision to end the Fast and Furious franchise with the eleventh mainline installment was greatly appreciated by fans who'd felt like the high-octane movies had begun to run their course. As they say, it's best to come out when you're at the top. But, you can't blame Universal for risking it all, especially following the first reactions to Fast X, which hint that audiences will want to see more of the movies than less.

Of course, this doesn't make this decision any less of a risk. Each outing sullies the brand and puts it one bad box office outing away from going out with a whimper.

Jason Momoa's performance appears to be one of the biggest reasons people may want to watch Fast X on May 19.

You also have to remember that Fast and Furious is technically a cinematic universe with spin-offs in the pipeline. After the success of the first spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw, a sequel is in development but it has failed to gain any traction due to several issues, including the jam-packed schedule of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. If Fast and Furious doesn't end soon, Universal will have a hard time finding a way to fit Hobbs & Shaw 2 in the timeline.

But, that's not all. At least one female-led spin-off and another with Charlize Theron as the main star are both in development albeit at currently unknown states.

Just like how putting too much power under the hood risks serious injury and death, Universal is putting the future of the franchise on the line by green-lighting Fast and Furious 12.

Maybe, just maybe, Universal Pictures should listen to what audiences are saying right now and stop before it milks the Fast and Furious franchise dry.

We're pretty sure Fast X will do well at the global box office after the recent successes of The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. But, what happens if Fast and Furious 11 underwhelms? Does Universal backtrack and leave it at that? Or does it regret not ending the series on a high note? Also, don't forget, Fast X's production budget has already ballooned to astronomical amounts, so doing another one will put a much larger dent in Universal's wallet with a high risk for potentially minimal returns.

But, hey, as Torreto says, it's best to live your life a quarter mile at a time, so let's all at least try to enjoy the premiere of Fast X on May 19.

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