Faroese government commissions James Bond tombstone

Fans can now visit James Bond's grave following Daniel Craig's final outing as the British super-spy in last year's No Time to Die.

James Bond is dead. At least, temporarily. Following the events of last year's No Time to Die, which, at the time, set the global box office record, Daniel Craig's 007 has officially retired. However, if you're feeling sentimental about the death of the fictional super spy and want to pay your respects, the Faroese government has got you covered.

James Bond Tombstone
The official James Bond tombstone tour costs roughly around 8 dollars each.

As per the Guide to the Faroe Islands website, the final resting place of the dashing British debonaire who likes his vodka shaken not stirred is available for public viewing with a view of the ocean to top it off. The official James Bond tombstone tour (yes, this is the actual name) is a seven-hour guided trip that will take participants through Kalsoy island, the filming location for Rami Malek's Safin and his evil lair.

As the main attraction of the tour, the tombstone is in the same spot where Daniel Crag's James Bond stood in his final moments.

Interestingly enough, the new tourist attraction has James Bond dying at 60, which lines up with the 60th anniversary of Dr. No's release in 1962. However, chronologically, Bond's fictional age is right around 37 to 40 years old during the film, while Craig himself was only 53.

Then again, we're making much ado about nothing here. We're sure that true 007 fans would stop at nothing for a chance to visit where the climax of No Time to Die was filmed, complete with a selfie shot with you looking up as if reenacting Craig's bittersweet demise.

Speaking of denouement, we still have no idea who's going to replace Craig as the next 007.

We do know that a handful of actors have thrown their hats inside the ring since, with a list that includes the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Holland, and Idris Elba.  Also, while we're waiting for MGM Studios to name the next James Bond, you can check out our list of some of the best James Bond games ever released.

Faroese Government Commissions James Bond Tombstone
If we're being honest, we wouldn't mind if Craig was the actual final Bond.

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