Fans are unimpressed by the latest XDefiant gameplay footage

Tom Clancy fans did not hold back their disappointment after seeing the latest XDefiant gameplay footage.

Tom Clancy fans have high standards. This means that there's a lot riding on the next few months for XDefiant.
Tom Clancy fans have high standards. This means that there's a lot riding on the next few months for XDefiant.

Ubisoft has spoiled Tom Clancy fans rotten as far as games go. Most of the Tom Clancy games that it has developed or published are good, if not genre-defining. So, you can't exactly fault fans for complaining about XDefiant after some brand new footage of Ubisoft's upcoming 6v6 free-to-play shooter popped up online.

What's wrong with XDefiant?

The biggest takeaway here is that XDefiant is very much a work in progress.
The biggest takeaway here is that XDefiant is very much a work in progress.

In a way, XDefiant is the shooter version of Super Smash Bros. It's a combination of all the previous Tom Clancy games, united in one single free-to-play title.

While the premise sounds very promising, it's not easy to pull off a crossover game and needs to do justice to every game that crossed over to it. This is much easier said than done. However, after its initial surprise announcement, fans had high hopes for XDefiant.

After revealing important details about XDefiant right from the bat, fans felt that Ubisoft was going to deliver. It also helped that Ubisoft could learn a thing or two from a failed project that had a fairly similar concept as XDefiant did in Elite Squad.

With that said, fans aren't exactly pleased after new XDefiant gameplay footage was spotted online.

At the time of this writing, the new gameplay footage of XDefiant has 3K likes and 3.2K dislikes on YouTube. This is an overwhelming amount of negative reactions to a game that isn't even available to play.

Most of the negative comments left by users on the YouTube video revolved around one thing. Fans seem to agree that XDefiant lacked innovation and felt generic.

The good news here is that Tom Clancy games have almost always received negative public reception upon release. Audiences seem to take their sweet time warming up to these shooter titles. However, the bad news is that games like The Division and Rainbow Six Siege had a lot of unique features going for them. Both only really needed more time and polish.

XDefiant doesn't have such redeeming qualities. Audiences are already describing it as a game that brings nothing to the competitive shooter genre, which is a huge problem.

Fans Are Unimpressed By The Latest Xdefiant Gameplay Footage
Ubisoft still has enough time to rework and improve XDefiant.

One thing that XDefiant has in its favor is that it obviously hasn't been released yet. The game is still well within its development stages. It still has time to address some of the issues raised, including its uninspiring and boring gameplay.

As per Ubisoft, the first XDefiant closed beta test has already kicked off. It started on August 5 for PC players located in Canada and the United States. We can expect Ubisoft to hold even more beta tests in the coming weeks. Player feedback will play a key role to get XDefiant right.

If you'd like to know more about XDefiant, we recommend checking out our earlier preview of the game.

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