Fans uncover more GTA 6 news on LinkedIn

Unfortunately, over-eager Grand Theft Auto fans are, once again, making too much ado about next to nothing.

The latest GTA 6 news comes from an official source but it doesn't add much to what we already know.

It looks like things are back to normal once again. After Activision Blizzard, Microsoft, Sony, and Bethesda Softworks took turns in the spotlight for the past two weeks, people are going back to doing what they do best: turn over every proverbial rock that they can find to see if it contains information about Grand Theft Auto 6.

This time around, the latest details about GTA 6 come from someone who worked on the Grand Theft Auto series for years.

As spotted by hawk-eyed fans, the LinkedIn profile of a certain Sayan Sasha reveals his employment over at Rockstar North, the main development team of the GTA series, that involved work on the Grand Theft Auto: Remastered Trilogy, the next-gen update for Grand Theft Auto V, and, more importantly, Grand Theft Auto VI.

Ex Rockstar India employee said on LinkedIn that he worked on multiple things for GTA VI
by u/OminousMicrowave in GamingLeaksAndRumours

Curiously enough, a quick look at the developer's profile at the moment sees any traces of the next GTA game removed but not before fans were able to take a quick snapshot of the graphic designer's original details before the latest update.

Then again, it's not like anyone's missing massive news. It confirms that GTA 6 will have assets, which is to be expected. This is further proof about the lengths that Rockstar Games will go to hide details about GTA 6.

We can only presume that the developer got an email from Rockstar Games' PR team to update his LinkedIn profile if only to prevent further speculation.

The developer had a hand in three of Rockstar's most recent projects.

With the usual cycle of gaming leaks and speculation returning to normal, we can expect fans to uncover more information about GTA 6.

Unfortunately, Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive remain silent about the upcoming game's status. The most official info we have comes from last year's security breach. The culprit of the attack was recently deemed unfit for trial in London. It's not clear yet if the hacker will walk away free of criminal charges after puppeteering one of the biggest leaks in recent history.

As for Rockstar, audiences expect the company to roll out GTA 6 anytime between 2024 and 2025 but not before releasing a remaster of Red Dead Redemption and possibly Grand Theft Auto 4 as well.

Fans are still waiting for more GTA 6 news.

In the meantime, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can finally enjoy Grand Theft Auto 5 again after it was added to the library for the first time in years. However, Xbox Game Pass Core subscribers, which will replace Xbox Live Gold in September, will not be able to enjoy it. At the same time, you'll need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to play GTA Online. As an alternative, you can subscribe to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass to access GTA Online but it will cost you more. If it's any consolation, the dollar-priced trial for the Game Pass is currently available.

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  1. I am all for hearing more about GTA 6 but people need to chill out and stop picking at crumbs tbh

    1. It won't stop until the game is near release. It happens every single Rockstar game.

  2. R* should just give us news on the game at least once a month, it would give people something to talk about. It seems like trying to keep everything under lock and key just makes things worse.

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