Fans speculate that Microsoft may be teasing Psychonauts 3

The Australian account for Xbox recently posted a cryptic tweet that may be referring to a new installment for the platform game.

Fans speculate that a new game for the series is coming.

There have been a lot of online discussions about the possibility of having a sequel to Psychonauts 2. Recently, an official Xbox Twitter account added more fuel by posting a cryptic image that may be referencing the popular platform game series.  

Fans have been eager to see where Double Fine is taking the Psychonauts series after being acquired by Microsoft. The second game was released fifteen years after the original came out but fans hope that it wouldn’t be much longer before the third game is launched.

Last weekend, Microsoft’s Australian Xbox account shared a tweet that led many fans to speculate that an announcement for Psychonauts 3 is close. The photo shared in the tweet spelled out PSYCHO XXX which many believe alludes to a third game in the series.

The word PSYCHO can be spelled out in the photo while fans assume that the X stands for naught. Three Xs would mean naughts and when combined with the word PSYCHO, spells out the name of the popular platforming title.  

Fans also speculate that having three Xs relate to the game number. Putting it all together, you’d get Psychonauts 3.

Microsoft may be teasing the game ahead of the upcoming Microsoft Showcase. The gaming event is scheduled for June 11th and features some big announcements. While expectations from fans are high, the Xbox account may also just be hyping fans for a remaster of the original game or a collection of the previous titles.

The first Psychonauts game was released in 2005 and built a cult following. The game received positive reviews from critics but did not sell well during its launch. The game ultimately sold 1.7 million copies a decade after its release.

Psychonauts 2 was widely considered one of the best games of 2021 and a strong contender for Game of the Year.

Psychonauts 2, however, became a huge hit when it came out two years. Critics called it a sequel that was worth the fifteen-year wait. The game even went on to be considered a Game of the Year candidate during its release.

Despite the teased image, the likelihood of Psychonauts 3 happening anytime soon is closer to wishful thinking. Double Fine has reportedly working on multiple unannounced projects at the moment. The studio’s CEO Tim Schafer said that the company is focusing on "new, original stuff."

As a relatively small studio, it would be highly improbable for Double Fine to be working simultaneously on multiple titles and a sequel for Psychonauts 2. The studio’s leadership has also been coy about making a third game for the series.  

We will know for certain if a new Psychonauts title will be coming when the Xbox Showcase premieres on June 11, 2023.

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