Fans continue to speculate about a potential WWE return for Bray Wyatt

The rumors over Bray Wyatt's return to the WWE reach fever pitch following another clue.

WWE had the opportunity for a post-Undertaker supernatural Superstar with the rise of Bray Wyatt for a couple of years. Unfortunately, the then-Vince McMahon-led wrestling promotion fumbled at the chance and we haven't heard much from Wyatt, whose real-life name is Windham Rotundo, since parting ways with the WWE last year. But, if we believe all of the recent rumors, Wyatt might have a second chance at redeeming one of the most unique, supernatural characters in the WWE for a long time.

We're pretty sure WWE fans have missed the blackouts commonly associated with The Fiend.

There's no confirmation that the WWE is bringing back Wyatt for another go, but the signs are there. Most recently, horror writer, Rob Fee, joined the WWE as its Director of Longtime Creative. Also, fans have noticed that Rotundo recently changed his Twitter bio to: "A villain is just a victim from a different story."

The WWE could've really used a kick like Wyatt with Hell in a Cell a few months back. Even if the event has come and passed, it's still not too late to bring Wyatt back.

The Fiend probably shouldn't dethrone Roman Reigns but that doesn't mean he can't put quite the scare on the Tribal Chief.

Wyatt is a rare talent that can return at any level and clash with anyone. Wyatt has clashed with everyone from Randy Orton to Roman Reigns. We'd have to admit, we're stoked at the prospect of watching The Fiend come back and let loose after a power outage. This will make for a wow-worthy moment that will help the newly-seated Head of Creative, Triple H, set his brand of wrestling apart from his father-in-law.

Right now, the WWE is in desperate need of a jolt that will get fans invested for the long haul. Who knows? Wyatt could make his return at the Crown Jewel in Dubai on November 5 to give whoever walks away the winner from the Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns matchup the surprise of a lifetime.

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