Fans appear to have discovered the incoming "cute" Overwatch 2 hero

Overly curious Overwatch 2 players believe that they've discovered which hero is coming to the free-to-play shooter next.

We know two things about the next Overwatch 2 hero: they're a support hero and they're cute. The game's designers have also described the incoming hero's kit as unique and "really interesting to watch unfold in high-level games." Naturally, players couldn't help themselves, and now some believe they've figured out the identity of the next Overwatch 2 hero.

The next Overwatch 2 hero could be a close friend of D.Va.

According to a Reddit post, there's an interaction between the existing Overwatch 2 heroes, D.Va and Tracer, with the former telling the dual-pistol-wielding teleporter that she'll have to introduce her to "Overlord", who she says is the best pilot she knows.

Overlord belongs to the MEKA squad, a team of pilots from South Korea who frequently collaborate with D.VA to protect the country.

It's curious that Blizzard Entertainment previously revealed that they'd love to bring in more members of the MEKA squad to Overwatch 2.

However, others offered different suggestions. For example, another name being thrown around is "Lynx 17", a close Omnic friend of Zarya who can enable tanks, was hired to track Sombra, and they fit the "cute" description.

D.Va and Tracer already have a rare interaction concerning Overlord that I think many people likely aren't aware of. Do you think he will be one of the next 2 "cute" Support Heroes? from Overwatch

We still have weeks to go before Season 4 of Overwatch 2 kicks off, so there's time to speculate.

Aside from what we've told you, remember that the next two heroes coming to Overwatch 2 are support heroes. The first one will arrive at the start of Season 4 while the other won't come until Season 6.

Blizzard is giving the Overwatch 2 supports extra attention after players complained that the class had a much more limited pool when compared to DPS and Tank heroes, even though the game requires players to pick two support heroes per team.

Overwatch 2 is in dire need of support heroes and Blizzard Entertainment is delivering a lot of them.

Outside of Overlord and Lnyx 17, there's a laundry list of characters that could make their way to Overwatch 2 next. At this point, it wouldn't surprise us if Blizzard throws us a curve ball if only to keep fans on their toes.

Speaking of Overwatch 2, you might want to stop playing with your cheating friends. Blizzard recently cracked down on the cheating incidents in Overwatch 2 and playing with cheaters could get you flagged by the game's anti-cheating software, just by association.

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