Fans discover GTA 6 setting teaser in GTA Online

You can add the most recent update to GTA Online to the growing list of proof that it will be set in Vice City.

Rockstar Games is continuing its trend of updating the settings of older games for new Grand Theft Auto installments. Case in point, the next GTA game will bring gamers back to Vice City.

fans discover gta setting teaser gta online
It'll be interesting to see how GTA 6 will address Tommy Vercetti if it's set in Vice City.

Vice City is based on the real-life city of Miami, complete with palm trees and sprawling beaches. It was the setting of GTA: Vice City and GTA: Vice City Stories, which came out in 2002 and 2006, respectively. Many consider it as the best setting in GTA, by far, so, who can blame Rockstar for going back to it?

With that said, Rockstar has teased the Vice City setting of GTA 6 in the past and hackers are already mapping out what it could look like based on the footage from last year's security breach. Now, Rockstar has done it again.

The developers recently paid tribute to the book, Miami Taxi Vibes. Upon closer inspection (as noted by @that1detectiv3), the big logo looks a lot like the same one used for Taxi Work in GTA Online. Many suspect that the same taxi company will appear in GTA 6 as well.

Of course, the truth is that only Rockstar knows what it's doing. It may or may not be teasing the setting for the next GTA game. We're leaning more towards the former but without official confirmation, all that we can do is to speculate.

fans discover gta setting teaser gta online
GTA 6 will reportedly feature dual protagonists with the series' first ever female lead.

For now, the closest we can get to a "modern" version of Vice City is to play Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, which recently came to Steam.

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