Fans boo Dwayne Johnson at San Diego Comic-Con over Superman response

Don't worry, the fans weren't necessarily booing the crowd-favorite but rather what he was implying.

This just in: the ever-lovable Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson just got booed at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Don't worry, The Rock's fine - he knows fans weren't booing him.

But, before anything else, context.

The Rock was at this year's SDCC to promote and talk about his upcoming DCEU debut in Black Adam on October 21. Naturally, people asked him questions. Specifically, on who he would think would win in a fight between his titular character and Superman.

Just last year, Johnson hinted that his Black Adam would probably win in a fight against Superman. But, this time around, The Rock decided to play it coy, saying that the two are close "pound for pound," and adding that the outcome "all depends on who is playing Superman."

As some fans over the internet pointed out, this effectively confirms that Henry Cavill is no longer coming back to the DCEU and Superman will not be in Black Adam.

Zack Snyder's original vision for the DCEU might not have panned out, but it did have its fair share of highlights.

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The biggest one is Henry Cavill and his portrayal of Clark Kent, who is better known as Superman. At the moment, Cavill is busy filming The Witcher Season 3 for Netflix. But, Cavill did confirm last year that he's still open to reprising his iconic role as the Kryptonian. Not to mention, the new Warner Bros. Discovery CEO confirmed that it is making Superman a priority a few months ago.

If the DCEU will bring back the big blue boy scout, fans will be outraged if it's not Cavill who will play him. Unfortunately, Cavill's busy schedule will make this difficult if not impossible. Then again, we can never say for sure.

If you think about it, Black Adam could technically replace Superman in the DCEU.

Black Adam stayed in development hell for well over a decade before the wheels finally started turning. If Johnson's DCEU can kick off a series of financially fruitful films for Warner Bros., who knows? If nothing else, we would have loved to see The Rock and Cavill go head to head in the DCEU even if only for a brief moment. Black Adam is one of the few in the world who can keep up with a Superman who lets loose. It'll be most interesting to see the outcome of this fight.

In the meantime, feel free to rewatch the first official trailer for Black Adam until it comes to theaters in October.

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