Fans believe that Rockstar is teasing GTA 6 using GTA Online shirts

Some believe that the graphics printed on the new GTA Online shirts are screenshots of a still-undetermined GTA game.

Grand Theft Auto 6 will come out anytime between now and whenever Rockstar Games feel like it. Until the game is launched, we're all at the mercy of the developer and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive. In the meantime, leakers have filled in the information void left by Rockstar's relative radio silence. There are also people who've kept themselves busy by speculating about all the potential hints that Rockstar might have dropped in its games about GTA 6.

We're not going to lie, hiding things in plain sight is on brand with Rockstar Games.

The most recent example of a potential GTA 6 tease is the new shirts added to GTA Online. Some players believe that this is Rockstar's way of teasing the setting for GTA 6.

At first glance, the new GTA online clothing line features black and white photos of random locales. But, a closer inspection might suggest that they're from a GTA game. Several users from various online communities have spent days trying to make out where Rockstar took these photos from. Most agree that the photos don't look like any place in Los Santos, the setting for GTA 5. Because of this, others are saying that Rockstar has been hiding GTA 6 assets in GTA Online.

GTA fans will continue to reach for any clue regarding GTA 6 until Rockstar Games confirms anything.

We wouldn't exactly rule this out. Rockstar might have "reformed" its internal structure for GTA 6 in light of recent allegations, but this is still the same cheeky studio we are talking about. We wouldn't put it past Rockstar to keep on feeding the GTA 6 hype train with leaks and teases similar to the shirts. Even if the photos aren't for GTA 6, Rockstar will still have gotten people talking. It's free advertising at its best.

Speaking of dropping GTA 6 hints, fans suspected last year that newly inserted photos of a house in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition were teasing the setting for GTA 6. We also found a peculiar-looking plate number in the latest GTA 5 trailer last year that might have hinted at the time period for GTA 6.

At the end of the day, we're pretty sure this isn't the end of all the GTA 6 teases in any GTA game, regardless of whether the GTA community is just reaching or not.

GTA online new shirts...with a familiar setting for GTA 6 mentioned by leaks? Really could be just because of summer update but looking at them closely they sure give a GTA vibe. from GTA6

We're just hoping that Rockstar will finally drop at least an official teaser soon if only to give us more info about GTA 6 aside from the fact that it is in development.

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