Fans believe that The Last of Us Remake is coming out in September

A leaker that's been described as "Jim Ryan's burner account" has been revealing credible information on Twitter.

The video game industry is full of insiders. However, very few have come up with leaks as accurately as a recently created account.

Remaking The Last of Us for the PS5 feels like a lot of unnecessary effort, but there's also a ton of money to be made from it.

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The leaker in question, @insider_wtf, only joined Twitter this month but he's already leaked sensitive information way ahead of everyone else. Case in point, the aptly-named user, The Snitch, was the first to reveal the June 2 State of Play lineup hours before the event, getting everything right, including the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Now, the "anonymous" user is saying that The Last of Us Remake will come out in September for the PS5 and the PC.

Specifically, insider_wtf wrote "PART 1" and added the release date, September 9, 2022, alongside emoticons of the PS5 and the PC.

This isn't the first time that we've heard that the remake of Naughty Dog's award-winning narrative action-adventure game from 2013 would be renamed from just The Last of Us to The Last of Us Part 1. If you recall, Neil Druckmann wore a hat that had "The Last of Us Part 1" written on it back in February, and he's not exactly someone above getting cheeky with his teases.

Not to mention, there was a report from Bloomberg last year that broke the news of Sony remaking The Last of Us for the PS5. This is just the tip of the very deep iceberg full of rumors and talks of a remake of the 2013 game.

What's even more interesting about what the insider said is that The Last of Us Part 1 is coming on the PC on day one too.

You could argue that Sony should have announced The Last of Us Part 1 at the State of Play showcase in June if it's coming out in September. Then again, Spider-Man's PC port was already at the said event, so Sony might prefer to stagger such big news. If this is the case, then we might hear more about The Last of Us Part 1, regardless of which platform/s it will come out on and when, in the next few weeks. Don't forget, Sony still hasn't announced the release date for God of War: Ragnarok yet, so the next State of Play might finally reveal when the sequel to the PS4's best-selling game will come out.

If The Last of Us Remake comes out in September, Sony should reveal it by July if not August.

It also plays to the leaker's advantage that Sony expects to make $300 million this FY2023 from PC ports alone. A simultaneous release for The Last of Us Remake on the PS5 and the PC will definitely help with that.

With Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves Collection, Marvel's Spider-Man as well as Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales already confirmed for the PC, Sony stands to make a killing with their PC port releases over the next few months. When you add in The Last of Us Remake as well as the others leaked by Nvidia last year, Sony might surpass its lofty sales expectations from its renewed efforts to cater to the PC market. This would be an excellent consolation for PS Now subscribers on the PC who were neglected by the recent PS Plus update.

Hopefully, we'll find out more about Sony's upcoming slate of PC ports in the next few weeks.

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