Fan Theory Pegs Super Bowl 55 For GTA 6 Reveal

Grand Theft Auto fans have been playing GTA 5 with no new game to chew on for over 7 years now, which is a long time without a new release even by the standards of developer Rockstar Games. The GTA 6 rumor mill never slows down, and a latest theory points to Super Bowl LV for a possible game announcement.

This idea has been on the minds of many fans, but was first put to words in a Reddit post by user ItsTreDay, referencing a popular theory from last year that certain vaguely Vice-City-ish snippets of unbranded footage seen during Super Bowl 54 were GTA related, but only done as a tease.

Oh Rockstar, you tease

The theory suggests that since this year's Bowl is once again taking place in Florida, Rockstar Games went for a mind-bogging long play in terms of marketing, delivering the punchline of last year's set up this February.

That said, 15 seconds of ad space during the Super Bowl costs millions, and a stunt like this isn't the smartest use of the marketing budget. Then again, last year's Super Bowl was viewed by 99.9 million people with an increase expected this year, so these ads are definitely valuable.

Players have been hyped up about the likelihood that GTA 6 would be returning to Vice City, partially because that was the most consistent piece of leaked or rumored information throughout the past few years, and Rockstar Games also released a piece of clothing in GTA Online that referenced the location.

We'd love to revisit Vice City with graphics powered by modern hardware

Luckily, the massive sporting event isn't far away, taking place on the 7th of February. We'd be hyped to finally get some official confirmation about GTA 6, though keep in mind that this isn't some sort of leaked data or any kind of credible rumor - this is just a fan theory, so if Super Bowl 55 doesn't end up featuring any news from Rockstar Games, you had better not be disappointed!

Aron Gerencser
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