Fan storms German game show to demand GTA 6 update

A GTA fan who leapt onto the stage of a German video game TV show, asking when GTA 6 will arrive, has gone viral.

Video game fans generally aren't the patient type. However, being forced to wait more than five years for a sequel to what is possibly the best game franchise in history is going to be hard for anyone. Even though Rockstar Games get a pass thanks to its outstanding record, you can't exactly blame fans for wanting to know more about the next GTA game.

The host was left wondering if what the fan did was a publicity stunt funded by Take-Two.

At the moment, Rockstar doesn't appear interested in releasing a new GTA title. Instead, the studio is working on a next-gen version of GTA 5. Rockstar is also busy providing support for GTA Online, which has experienced quite a dramatic turnaround in recent years.

With that said, one fan decided to take matters into his own hands, jumping up onto the stage of a popular German game show to demand the host tell him when GTA 6 is going to release - all in front of a live TV audience.

It's safe to say that the stunt has since gone viral.

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Why did the fan storm the stage of Schlag den Star?

Nearly a decade has passed since Rockstar released GTA V for the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2013.

Schlag den Star is a popular German TV game show that airs every Saturday night. It is hosted by German comedian Elton, who has a bit of experience in the gaming industry. Perhaps this is why the fan, who identified himself as "Taser" abruptly joined the stage of the show to ask the host if he knew what's up with GTA 6.

"I'm still waiting for GTA 6 for eight years" explained Taser. Unfortunately, Elton did not know when GTA 6 was going to come out.

Naturally, because of the danger presented by such a fan, security eventually escorted Taser off of the stage.

Of course, Elton knew nothing about the potential release date of GTA 6. In fact, no one seems to know. The last we heard about GTA was from Dave Jackson, a voice actor who shared that Rockstar had hired him to play a character named Captain McClane in an upcoming GTA project. Although fans believed that this was for GTA 6, Jackson later clarified that he isn't sure if this character is going to be in GTA 6 or an unreleased update for GTA Online.

GTA V continues to rack up the sales for Rockstar Games.

Our bet is on the latter. As we've already mentioned, Rockstar provides constant updates and fresh DLC for GTA Online. The studio is also releasing a standalone version of the game. It would make sense for Rockstar to also start working on larger expansions for GTA Online as well.

With that said, Taser might be better off scouring the internet if he'd like more info about GTA VI. At this point, the most credible intel that most of us have about GTA 6 suggests that it's going to release in 2025.

If it's any consolation, there is a rumored GTA Remastered Trilogy in the works that is set to release in 2022.

Between the compilation and next-gen version of GTA V, as well as GTA Online, GTA fans will have a lot of games to play as they wait for GTA VI.

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