Family Guy raises COVID-19 vaccine awareness in latest short

Seth MacFarlane and the producers of "Family Guy" just aired a three-minute PSA to help encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on nearly two years after the first outbreak was reported in Wuhan, China, back in December 2019. Although local governments have found success finding ways to curb the number of cases by rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations en masse to achieve herd immunity, the move hasn't been without its fair share of detractors. For one reason or another, some folks insist on not getting vaccinated.

Folks can listen to Stewie talk about the COVID-19 vaccine in Family Guy's latest short.

With that said, Fox's adult animated sitcom, Family Guy, just joined in the effort to convince people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

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"It's Up To You" Campaign now includes Family Guy

The latest Family Guy educational short is part of the partnership between Disney and Fox with the Ad Council's campaign, It's Up To You.

The video opens with Brian and Stewie Griffin taking Peter to a doctor's appointment as he has second thoughts about getting vaccinated for COVID-19. The doctor then attempts to persuade Peter, as well as the viewers, on the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, because the doctor isn't so good at it, Stewie steps in for a more, let's just say, intimate visual.

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Stewie then proceeds to shrink himself and Brian so that they can go inside Peter's Body. Once "inside", Stewie discusses the science behind the COVID-19 vaccine and explains why it works. The entire segment is full of hilarious visuals and gags to help lighten up the mood and provide some entertainment. The short ends with Peter getting vaccinated for COVID-19 and basically realizing that he was making a fuss over nothing.

The more people get vaccinated for COVID-19, the better off everyone else will be.

At the moment, more than 50% of people in the United States have received the two full rounds of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is a commendable feat, but the U.S, as do other countries, still has a long way to go. Achieving herd immunity varies depending on the disease. However, most experts agree that the best way to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19 is for 90% of the population to have COVID-19 immunity.

With that said, it's a good idea for popular shows like Family Guy to air these ads and campaigns to reach out to their respective fanbases and educate them about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine.

As for Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane's creation is still going strong. The show's twentieth season will kick off on September 26 on Fox with its 375th episode, with its twenty-first season already confirmed.

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