The Fallout London Mod is the Fallout Game We Never Got

As amazing as the Fallout games are, the settings have always left people wondering how the other parts of the world would look like in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

If the Fallout: London mod blows up even more, Bethesda might just take notice and pick it up.

Thankfully, modders have been hard at work trying to make something out of that morbid curiosity. However, while most mods never really develop into something more than just an hour or two's worth of experience, some mods end up being bigger.

Case in point, the Fallout: London mod.

The DLC-sized fan-made mod for 2015's Fallout 4 takes players from the United States to the other side of the globe, Europe.

What is the Fallout London Mod?

Yes. You're looking at medieval knights in a post-apocalyptic future.

According to the team of modders behind the Fallout: London mod, the project is a "continuation of the base game". It will be set in an entirely new setting and comes complete with its own distinct culture.

The events of the unofficial DLC for Fallout 4 will take place in the year 2237. This puts it roughly around half a century following the end of Fallout 4. The scope of the mod's map will roughly be the "size of the vanilla Fallout 4 Commonwealth" and will cover Westminister to Bromley.

We'd have to say, this is no small feat. What's even more amazing is that the insides of the city are just as filled with detail. The Fallout: London mod will add new "factions, storylines, NPCs, weapons, and creatures" among other things.

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It also seems like the modders aren't afraid to put some tongue-in-cheek humor into the mod. We can see that one of the new factions looks a lot like a medieval version of the Brotherhood of Steel. They're clad complete with the full-plated armor and seem to favor using claymores as weapons.

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Another thing of note is the change of setting in Fallout: London mod. Because of this, you won't find any traces of Vault-Tec, which is an American company, in it. The FAQ details that the mod will feature its own version of the vault and a British Vault Boy, of sorts. However, there will be some things from the base Fallout 4 game that will make an appearance in Fallout: London. This includes Mr. Handys and Protectrons, which are all global robots.

Because Fallout: London is such a massive undertaking, the modders require players to create a new save file in Fallout 4 just to play it.

Unfortunately, as much effort as the modders have put in Fallout London, it doesn't have voice lines. The team is still looking to improve on the dialogue system so that it feels more similar to other Fallout games.

When is the Fallout London Mod Release Date?

Who knew that the Queen's Guard would outlive London itself?

If all this talk of the Fallout: London mod has got you excited, we've got some bad news for you.

At the moment, the large team of volunteer modders hasn't confirmed a release date for the Fallout: London mod yet. Also, the mod is exclusive to the PC (which is the only platform that supports modding in general).

Considering how good it already looks, we wouldn't be surprised if the mod ends up releasing within the next six to twelve months. Feel free to head on over to the project's official Twitter account for updates.

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