Fallout 3 Best Mods Ever

Fallout 3 has been one of the more divisive entries in the franchise. Although that has certainly changed with the infamous Fallout 76, Fallout 3 remains a low point in the eyes of some fans.

Fallout 3 Opening Power Armor

Often, the root of this perception is the massive changes from the beloved isometric RPG of Fallout 1 and 2 to the Elder Scrolls style first person that is the hallmark of Bethesda games. Furthermore, Fallout 3 had another notorious similarity to other Bethesda Games: the bugs that come with them, particularly during launch.

However, Fallout 3 has evolved to a cult classic, in no small part to the mods that have improved the gameplay and corrected the bugs in the base game and the expansions.

Let’s take a look at the best mods for Fallout 3 that have helped push it from ridicule to an underappreciated classic!

Fallout 3 Mod Manager

The Fallout 3 Mod Manager is the must-have, entry point mod. Fondly referred to as FOMM, the Fallout 3 Mod Manager is the one stop shop for all mod management. It informs you what mods are installed and allows you to select which mods (both official and unofficial) should be active at any given time. More importantly, it helps avoid the failed installations and bugs that would make the game unplayable (and there were a lot of those in the early days).

Fallout 3 Mod Manager FOSE
The Fallout 3 Mod Manager is a requirement to avoid issues with other mods.

This is the essential tool for the Fallout 3 modding community as well. It helps with testing and editing mods to see what works and what doesn’t. Used in conjunction with the Fallout Script Extender (FOSE), this becomes the modders haven for creating anything for Fallout 3. So before you plug in any other mod, make sure the FOMM is in there first!

Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch

After you have secured the FOMM in your Fallout 3 mod library, the next most important mod is this one: The Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch. Remember those bugs we keep harping on about that were present from the release of the game? This is the patch that takes care of those.

By itself, you won’t notice any gameplay changes to Fallout 3… except that it works fine! Seriously, without the Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 patch installed, you will experience a whole slew of headaches. Stuttering, incorrect spelling, quests that cannot be completed, missing NPCs, clipping issues, annoying (although sometimes funny) physics, and so on would be everywhere without this updated unofficial patch. As a side bonus, it restores content that was cut from the original release and the DLCs.

Quite simply, it makes the game play as it should always have. If there is one mod or patch you should include for the FOMM to handle, the Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch should be it.

Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition

The Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition mod isn’t actually one mod. It’s a whopping 50 plus mods! Also called the FWE, it consolidates the installation of so many mods that improve the immersive experience in Fallout 3. This is years of work done by creative and dedicated fans of the Fallout franchise to add quality of life and roleplaying improvements.

Do you want a better first person shooter feel to combat? Perhaps the actual combat pacing is too slow for you? How about improvements to the SPECIAL attribute system, along with the associated skills and Perks? Weapons and equipment from Fallout 1, 2, and Brotherhood of Steel added? More craftable items so those workbenches get more use? Increased challenge and more intelligent AI for the enemies in the game? Listing all the possibilities would take up this entire list!

Fallout 3 Motorcycle
One of the features included with the Fallout Wanderers Mod: a motorcycle for fast travel!

This impressive package of mods in the Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition enhances the gameplay value of the game immensely. You may never need any other mod after this one is installed. If for nothing else, get the Motorcycle mod. It gives you access to a vehicle that has storage (homaging the old Highwayman from the previous Fallout entries) and gives a rationale for the fast travel. Everything after it is simply gravy.


Speaking of gravy, remember that sickly green tint that was on everything in Fallout 3? While the game is supposed to exist in a dystopian world, having that shade of moss to make you sick to your stomach after an hour or two of traveling is just a poor design choice.

Fallout 3 Fellout Sky
Thanks to the Fellout mod, you do not have to endure the sickly green tint on EVERYTHING!

With the Fellout mod, say goodbye to that green tint. This mod applies a more realistic shade, giving more color while actually improving the sense of being in a post-apocalyptic sandbox. It actually makes the environment more believable rather than looking like the Incredible Hulk passed gas everywhere he went.

Such a simple mod, but goes a long way in raising the immersion while you trek the Capital Wasteland.

Energy Weapons Enhanced

In the previous Fallout games (1 and 2) energy weapons were the endgame gear of choice. This is because enemies at the later stages would be highly resistant to blunt force or ballistic damage. Sadly, in Fallout 3, energy weapons are just not as reliable and deal pitiful damage. However, the Energy Weapons Enhanced mod addresses this suitably.

Fallout 3 Enhanced Energy Blast
Fallout 3's Enhanced Energy Mod makes energy weapons actually worth using!

Adding this mod makes the built-in energy weapons deal better damage per second, have faster rate of fire, and use less ammunition. Furthermore, it adds older energy weapons from the prior games. These older weapons deal much higher damage, but are quite slow, balancing things out.

But be careful! What’s good for you is also good for the enemies. Supermutants with these weapons are going to be a pain to deal with!

Fallout 3 Redesigned – Formerly Known as Project Beauty

Fallout’s radioactive ghouls are supposed to look like they have the skin texture of melted cheese. Humans, and even the mutants, should not for the most part. Thankfully, you don’t have to wander the Capital Wasteland seeing only nightmare fuel faces.

Fallout 3 Beauty Moira
Moira looks actually human with the Fallout 3 Redesigned Mod (formerly known as the Project Beauty).

Project Beauty was a mod that attempted to make NPCs in the game look more approachable. While not a huge leap compared to modern standards of how video game characters look, the improvement is noteworthy. The mod has been constantly updated and renamed to Fallout 3 Redesigned as late as August 2020 (as of this writing).

Weapon Mod Kits

One of the coolest features of later Fallout games is the ability to kitbash improvements (or even entire weapons) from parts found during adventures in the wastes. Fallout: New Vegas had this feature, but Fallout 3 did not. This mod addresses that missing element.

Fallout 3 Weapon Mod Kits
A lever action rifle with a scope and suppressor? Possibilities abound with the Weapon Mod Kit!

With this mod active, players can find or purchase weapon mod kits. Nearly all weapons in the game can be attached with and improved by a specific weapon mod. From extended magazines to reduce the need to reload to laser sights on heavy weapons for increased accuracy, there’s a kit out there for it.

If you like having customized firearms for that additional immersive experience, this mod fits the bill!

More Fallout 3 Mods

There are many more Fallout 3 mods out there. Most of it can be found in NexusMods, providing a huge repository. There are mods that improve the textures of Dogmeat to look like a German Shepherd, to adding housing options in different locations, to just being able to look at your feet when you look down!

Fallout 3 got the short end of the stick by being the middle child between Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. But it has also led to being one of the most popularly modded video games over the years. The list here are the core essentials, but there is a larger world out there for you to discover!

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