FalleN Joins Liquid, flusha goes inactive, and cs_summit Is Back

FalleN joins Liquid

After several years of trying and mostly failing to win trophies with MIBR, FalleN is now officially a Team Liquid player. He has been announced as Twistzz’s replacement and will probably do an excellent job for the North American organization. In my view, the troubles that he faced professionally over the last 3 years were largely caused by some of his former teammates. If that’s the case, Liquid should start winning trophies again this upcoming Spring.

Csgo Fallen

FalleN’s career is not over. Even in traditional sports, in which physical demands are much more severe than in esports, players often stay at the top until the age of 35 if they’re motivated. The CS:GO star is only 29. So he still has some good years ahead of himself, as long as he can deliver the performances he once did.

I chose Liquid because I played against them many years, I know their strengths and I know how well they can play. I think that, with my abilities and the way I think about the game, I can be helpful.

– FalleN

flusha goes inactive

Csgo Flusha

Fnatic seems to be in trouble again. One of their most important players, who spent more than 5 years in total with the organization, has once again announced his decision to step down from the main roster. This probably has a lot to do with Fnatic’s results in 2020. The Swedish team managed to win a single important title, at ESL Pro League Season 11: Europe. Such a performance level is unacceptable for a team of Fnatic’s fame.

Given that the entire Fnatic roster is Swedish, I fully expect to see them replace flusha with another Swedish player. It’s hard to guess who that player will be but one thing we know for certain: Fnatic likes to bring back their former players as many times as possible. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced dennis as flusha’s replacement.

cs_summit is coming back

One of the most famous CS:GO events, cs_summit, is coming back this January with another edition. This will be the 7th and its prize pool is $200,000. The exact dates are January 25th – 31st. The participating teams are yet to be revealed. But with some of the best teams in the world traveling to Europe to take part in other tournaments, you should not expect to see a lot of big teams in it. Or at least, I don’t think we’ll get to see FURIA, Liquid, and Evil Geniuses. Because they already have other plans.

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