Fall Guys Season 4 Out Now, Brings Squads Mode

In the wake of Epic Games' acquisition of Fall Guys, developer parent company Tonic Games Group, the sleeper hit entered Season 4 today with new content, including a newbie-friendly Squads Mode to help you rope your inexperienced friends into the addiction.

Here's everything new that arrived in the whimsical party game with Season 4!

New Maps

Season 4 launched with 7 brand new maps, all of which have their own gameplay twists.

Season 4 map Roll On
  • Basketfall is a very loose interpretation of basketball, recreated with Fall Guys gameplay mechanics requiring you to grab the ball and either throw it into a colour-coded bin, or just jump in while holding it. Really, any methods of getting the ball in are allowed.
  • Skyline Stumble is a particularly perilous high-altitude track full of wipeout-style booby traps, disappearing bridges and precision jumps, culminating in a huge pinball board, where you are the ball.
  • Short Circuit is an easy level to get lost in, with some narrow areas funneling players together and sections divided by holographic walls that will make navigation a bit confusing, especially if your are in a hurry.
  • Hoverboard Heroes confusingly contains no hoverboards, but instead is full of moving laser traps and finishes off with yet another pinball paddle.
  • Power Trip gives players a new objective - the map is covered in glowing tiles which you can switch to your team's colour by walking over them while carrying a power canister. The rules are simple, the team with the most tiles 'captured' wins.
  • Big Shots places every player atop an unstable platform with huge prop shooters bombarding you with all sorts of random objects. If too many players congregate on one side, the platform will tip over, so you need to coordinate dodging incoming projectiles with balancing the sides.
  • Roll On takes place almost entirely on large rotating cylinders with all sorts of obstacles sticking out of them, keeping you on your toes.

Squads Mode

Intended to break down some of the accessibility barriers that new, inexperienced players may encounter, Squads allows you to team up in a group of 4 where all of you can claim victory, even if just one of you finishes.

Share the spoils of victory with your Squad

The idea is for more experienced players to team up with 1 to 3 newbies and help them get a hang of Fall Guys without any great deal of pressure. Alternatively, even if you are a long-time player with similarly experienced friends, you can squad up for some group play.

Launching alongside this functionality is a pair of game modes focused on teamwork. Squad Race awards points to teams for the position of each member of the Squad, and whichever has the least points is eliminated. Squad Survival has you earn points for your Squad by avoiding the slime.

Daily Challenges and Crown Shards

These new mechanics make earning in-game rewards easier. Daily Challenges are a set of constantly rotating objectives which, if completed, get you extra Fame and Crown Shard bundles, giving players reason to log in every day.

Speaking of, Crown Shards are a new form of currency which are a smaller denomination than Crowns. If you acquire 60 Crown Shards, they turn into a Crown.

Get ready to fall together!

Aron Gerencser
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