Fall Guys Free for All Season 2 launches into space

Fall Guys: Free For All Season 2 is going to debut this week, and we have all the details straight from Mediatonic.

The second season of Fall Guys: Free For All launches soon. Officially named Satellite Scramble, the new season brings all new costume skins, rounds, levels, obstacles, challenges, and more.

Fall Guys: Free For All Season 2 is going to debut this week, and we have all the details straight from Mediatonic. (Images: Mediatonic)

After a successful move from the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown paid model to free to play, Satellite Scramble will be introducing updates that change up the gameplay for the bean guy avatars. For those who haven’t finished up their Season 1 Tier rewards, you still have a little time.

The announcement of the launch came by the official social media channels of the Fall Guys game. The Fall Guys official website describes Season 2 as such:

Our new season sees the residents of the Blunderdome leaving the relative safety of their planet for the first time, with their hearts hungry for adventure. Go galactic and explore orbiting obstacles, cosmic courses, and all the enigmas space has to offer. New frontiers also means stellar new Costumes and plenty of new Challenges for our stumbling stars.

Much of the new content for Fall Guys: Free For All has an appropriately outer space theme. The promotional pictures will be recognized by pop culture aficionados as inspired by famous sci-fi franchises. Examples of these cosmetic skins include Spock from Star Trek, the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, and the Vocaloid mascot Hatsune Miku.

There are also new obstacles like Hover Platforms, Ion Thrusters, and Trolleybots that have been added to the Blunderdome. The new rounds will include Cosmic Highway, Pixel Painters, Hyperdrive Heroes, Space Race, and Frantic Factory.

Season 2 of Fall Guys: Free For All will introduce new rounds like Cosmic Highway and Space Race.

And for those players who can join in on the Season 2 launch, they will get the following rewards by accumulating points in the open mission:

  • Space Bean Nickname – Reach 200 Points
  • 200 Kudos - Reach 300 Points
  • Satellite Explorer Nameplate - Reach 500 Points
  • Space Icons Pattern - Reach 800 Points
  • Satellite Backpack - Reach 1000 Points

Fall Guys: Free For All Season 1 saw the popular action game go free to play. After 6 seasons of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the free to play version launched on June 2022.

In addition, the launch of Fall Guys: Free For All became available to play on multiple platforms, including the current generation Playstation, Xbox, as well as the Epic Games Store and the Nintendo Switch.

With Season 1, Fall Guys: Free For All introduced new rounds not seen in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout such as Bean Hill Zone, The Swiveller, Blast Ball, Hex-a-Ring, Volleyfall, and Speed Circuit. Season 1 also had new obstacles (Bouncy Floors, Jump Ropes), and all-star Challenges.

Season 1 of Fall Guys: Free For All also had a Season Pass that allowed players to accomplish 100 Tiers. By reaching these Tiers, players would be rewarded with various cosmetics and accumulate Show-Bucks, the in-game exclusive currency.

Satellite Scramble will have a new Season Pass with Reward Tiers when it launches on September 15.

Although the Season Pass is not completely free, players can acquire enough Show-Bucks through the Tier achievements to pay for future Fall Guys: Free For All Season Passes. The Satellite Scramble will also have a new Season Pass with a similar progression.

Plus, the game is adding Polish and Latin American Spanish to the languages available. You can watch the official Fall Guys Satellite Scramble launch cinematic trailer right here:

Fall Guys: Free For All Season 2, Satellite Scramble will be launching on September 15, 2022.

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