Fall Guys' 3.5 Update Due Tomorrow

Mediatonic's runaway hit Fall Guys: Ultimate knockout is receiving a considerable update tomorrow. Update 3.5, subtitled by the community as "Stop with the yeets name it anything else just don't include the word yeet please I'm begging you", introduces numerous level variations and an additional level.

What Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was one of the biggest and most successful games of 2020. This colorful battle royale game is heavily inspired by the wackiness of the Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle and the classic British game show "It's a Knockout".

The game starts with 60 participants, who are eliminated as the game progresses in different stages and game styles, until one remains and is crowned the winner.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout catapulted Mediatonic to mainstream success. Previously, they were known for making small quirky games under the PlayStation Minis program, "Who’s That Flying!?" and "Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess" a decade ago. Mediatonic also made the remake of an equally bizarre game: "Hatoful Boyfriend".

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has sold 11 million copies on Steam since its release in August 2020 and is the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game ever.

The game is also in its third season, with the 3.5 update a midseason shakeup of what has been an entertaining game. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is only available on Windows, Android, and PlayStation platforms. However, Mediatonic held a survey not too long ago, the results of which might push for a Nintendo Switch and Xbox release of the game.

Don't fall off is mostly the objective of the game

What Is In The 3.5 Update?

The 3.5 update will include more than 40 variations of existing levels the addition of a new level, and the introduction of the Fall Feed. The Fall Feed serves as a digital ticker that displays the players' names the moment they are eliminated. Costumes will also be up for sale in the in-game store like Godzilla, Sonic, and the Goose Game.

There will be another slew of DLC packs, new shows, and costumes in the upcoming weeks leading to the game's fourth season.

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