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Below is our recommended FAL loadout. Our other weapon loadout guides can be found here.

The weapon changes during season 4 of Warzone nerfed and buffed a lot of weapons in Modern Warfare, which changed the weapon meta considerably.

One of the buffed weapons included the FAL, and boy did it get a significant buff! You can check the updated FAL stats here as well.

The new FAL buff has motivated many to consider using this weapon in Warzone and we ourselves are seeing it more often during games. We don't blame anyone wanting to try out the FAL now, consider the insane damage this weapon does now.

Just to give you an idea, prior to the season 4 buffs, the FAL used to do 72 head damage, but it now does 105 damage as at the date of this guide's publication. It now has the potential to one-hit headshot kill at close range. You can check all the weapon nerfs and buffs on our article dedicated to these specific changes.

You will need to upgrade your FAL to at least level 65 in order to implement this loadout. We have a full guide on how to upgrade your weapon, battle pass tier, and player fast. We also have a guide on all the attachments for every weapon along with their unlock level requirements.

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You need to choose the Monolithic Suppressor as your Muzzle attachment. It has excellent damage range while also suppressing your shots, helping you stay hidden on the radar.

The Monolithic Suppressor for the FAL unlocks at level 65.


The Barrel you need to choose is the XRK Marksman Barrel. This is the best Barrel attachment you can get in Warzone. It will give you even more damage range, increased bullet velocity, and better recoil control.

As you already know, there are certain stats that you need to focus on more than others in Warzone, such as damage range and bullet velocity. You can find more details on these stats here.

The XRK Marksman unlocks at level 43.


You can choose either the Commando Foregrip or the Merc Foregrip as your Underbarrel attachment. We recommend going with the Merc Foregrip since it not only gives you better recoil but also better hip-fire accuracy, which comes in handy when engaged in CQC (Close Quarter Combat) situations.

The Merc Foregrip and the Commando Foregrip unlock at levels 9 and 4, respectively.


Some sort of ammunition attachment is a must whenever you are setting up a loadout in Warzone. In the case of the FAL, you need to select 30 Round Mags as your Ammunition attachment. This is important if you're playing duos and trios. With 30 Round Mags, you will be able to take out at least two guys from the opposing squad before you run out of ammo.

30 Round Mags unlock at level 53.


You can select any Optic you prefer, but we recommend going with the G.I. Mini Reflex as it will give you excellent accuracy. Another option you have here is the VLK 3.0x Optic, but that is only good if you are not getting into aggressive engagements.

The VLK 3.0x Optic will decrease your ADS speed significantly and that is why it is only useful if you spot your enemy first at a distance.

The G.I. Mini Reflex unlocks at level 2 and the VLK 3.0x Optic unlocks at level 26.

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