Fact Checking Policy

Xfire is at the forefront of news reporting in the gaming, media and wrestling industries. As we strive to share the latest breaking news with our readers as it happens, and alongside the expert analysis of our passionate editorial team, we balance speed with rigorous research to ensure our content is truthful and accurate.

Ensuring that our readers can trust Xfire's reporting is paramount. In order to achieve this, our articles are checked for accuracy, originality and novelty with reference to verified sources. We strive to rely on primary sources and to convey factual information unaffected by interpretation. Xfire will not run unverified and suspicious stories until our team has confirmed the information to the extent possible, and will mark notable leaks, rumors, reports, unofficial statements and datamined information as such, to ensure readers are not misled.

Our team ensures that Xfire headlines do not mislead or exaggerate. If headlines make any specific statements, these statements also go through the same verification process as the content of the article itself.

Readers can rely on the fact checking process at Xfire thanks to the efforts of an experienced editorial team, the members of which come from journalism and media backgrounds with expertise in their given fields, coupled with a passion for the topics we cover. We don't just fact check for reputation's sake, but because we also care about these stories.

Source Priority

Xfire strives to seek out the primary source of any story we run, and our team will reach out to involved companies, persons or other entities if necessary. For the sake of truthfulness, Xfire will, when possible, attempt to avoid citing secondary or tertiary sources - if we do, this is clearly communicated in our content.

Integrity in Analysis

Alongside news reporting, Xfire provides other kinds of original content including analysis, op-eds and guides. When not covering fact-based topics or events, our editorial team still holds content to high standards of verification and truthfulness, ensuring that these articles are well researched and not covered in a misleading manner.

If you have questions about Xfire's fact checking policy, reach out to us at editorial@xfire.com.

Last modified on December 1, 2022.

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