Ezra Miller is reportedly out of the DCEU after The Flash premieres

Several sources are claiming that David Zaslav is dropping the controversial actor from the DCEU.

Ezra Miller has appeared in three different films in the DC Extended Universe (four if you count last year's Zack Snyder's Justice League) and they're set to make his solo film debut in next year's The Flash. But, while they are set to be a big part of the DCEU going forward, it appears that Warner Bros. Discovery isn't too keen on bringing them back for another go. Specifically, reports suggest that Warner Bros. wants to remove Ezra Miller from the DCEU as soon as The Flash comes out.

The Flash is a key part of any iteration of the Justice League, which is why it's imperative that Warner Bros. Discovery figure out what to do with the scarlet speedster in the DCEU.

Deadline claims that its sources have told them that "the studio won't likely keep Miller in the Flash role in future DC films" regardless of whether Miller can keep themselves out of trouble.

Here is a quick summary of all the allegations that Miller has and are currently facing since April 2020:

  • April 2020 - Escorted out a venue after confronting pushy fans and then chocking a woman and throwing her to the ground at a bar in Iceland following an event
  • March 2022 
    • Arrested twice for disorderly conduct and harassment for fighting at a karaoke bar in March
    • Arrested for second-degree assault after attending a private party and throwing a chair at a woman, resulting in injury
    • A restraining order was filed by a couple against Miller after the actor reportedly stole a passport and a wallet as well as threatened to "bury" them (dropped later)
  • June 2022
    • A temporary harassment prevention order was filed against Miller for inappropriate actions towards a nonbinary 12-year-old
    • Another order of protection was filed against Miller for grooming and brainwashing an 18-year-old
Some are saying that Ezra Miller can be replaced by Grant Gustin in the DCEU.

Warner Bros. recently walked away from a controversial actor after dropping Johnny Depp in favor of Mads Mikkelsen in this year's Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. But, unlike with Depp, who ultimately won his case against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, Miller's actions are just plain bizarre if not downright criminal. If anything, Warner Bros. shouldn't have to wait for The Flash to come out on June 23, 2023, just to announce that Miller is no longer returning.

A $200 million loss (and quite possibly more) is a tough and very expensive pill to swallow if the studio forgoes the release of The Flash altogether, but it should allow Warner Bros. to focus on its other upcoming DCEU films without worrying about any controversy.

Speaking of, Warner Bros. doesn't just have Miller to worry about. Executives still have to address the calls to have Amber Heard replaced in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Even if the Hollywood actress, who plays Mera in the DCEU, will have a reduced role in the sequel, a spokesperson confirmed that she's still in the film.

Hopefully, the new Warner Bros. Discovery CEO, David Zaslav, finds a way to steer the DCEU through these controversial waters successfully soon.

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