Extraction 2 gets a 2023 release window on Netflix

It looks like fans will have to wait until next year to see Tyler Rake back in action.

For a time, Chris Hemsworth's smash hit, Extraction, was the most-watched movie on Netflix with nearly 100 million households tuning in to watch the movie in its first month. A little over two years later and we finally have a release window for Extraction 2.

It definitely looks like the Russo Brothers will be working with Netflix on more films for a long time.

Hot on the heels of another big Netflix hit, the Russo brothers confirmed (via Collider) that Extraction 2 will be out by 2023.

Unfortunately, we know very little about Extraction 2 outside the fact that it's coming. The good news is that the same creative minds behind the first film will return to try and put the Extraction sequel back on top of Netflix's viewing charts. After making his feature film debut as the director of Extraction, Sam Hargrave will come back to helm the sequel. Joe Russo is also writing the script on top of being the producer alongside his brother, Anthony, via their production company, AGBO. Similar to the first film, Chris Hemsworth has signed on as the producer for Extraction 2.

Extraction 2 probably won't pull in the same numbers as the first film, but that's fine as long as it doesn't do too bad.

Extraction was one of Netflix's first films to make full use of a captive pandemic audience. We don't think that the follow-up will match its numbers let alone beat it. Then again, who knows? Some of Netflix's biggest films and shows did come over the past 6-7 months like Red Notice, The Adam Project, and of course, the penultimate season of Stranger Things.

Ultimately, the value that Extraction 2 brings to the table is immense. It might not end up pulling in over a hundred million viewers in its first month, but Extraction 2 could effectively secure a threequel.

If Netflix finds another Extraction film worth it, the Russo brothers will have their hands full with a sequel and a spin-off to The Gray Man also confirmed. This should keep them busy until they're ready to come back and direct an MCU film, which probably won't be before the X-Men make their debut.

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