Chris Hemsworth confirms that Extraction 2 has finished filming

A new set video from Chris Hemsworth shows that filming on the Extraction sequel has officially wrapped after starting in late November.

After working as a stunt coordinator on some of Marvel Studio's biggest movies, among others, Sam Hargrave finally got a shot at the director's seat with Netflix's Extraction in 2020 and made the most out of it.

If Extraction 2 can match the first film's success, Hemsworth could be looking at another trilogy under his belt.

The Chris Hemsworth-led action flick was a huge hit, becoming the biggest Netflix movie ever at the time, which eventually lead to a sequel that has now officially finished filming.

According to Hemsworth's recent Instagram post, it's officially a wrap on Extraction 2's filming. In a 40-second video, the Thor: Love and Thunder actor thanked the cast and crew for all their hard work in recent months and for braving storms, both figuratively and literally. Hemsworth also let it slip that the highly anticipated Extraction sequel will have one stunt involving landing a helicopter atop a moving train.

Two years later, Extraction 2 is still one of the biggest films to launch on Netflix.

The confirmation comes just a short while after Hemsworth shared an Extraction 2 video featuring what appears to be a prison riot.

With Joe Russo returning to pen the script for Extraction 2, we can expect things to be just as chaotic and explosive as the first movie if not even more so. Extraction's R-rating and John Wick-esque action sequences played a large role in its success. With Keanu Reeves' next outing as the tuxedo-wearing hitman delayed to March 2023, Extraction 2 can fill the void with a late 2022 release.

Unfortunately, Hemsworth might have pulled the trigger on Extraction 2 moving on to post-production earlier than expected. Hargrave confirmed that, while Hemsworth is already done filming his scenes, there's still a week of production left.

One of the biggest questions following the end of the first Extraction film is how Tyler Rake, Hemsworth's character, survived the gruesome and action-packed events right before falling off a bridge. Only time will tell how the sequel will explain Rake's survival and where the mercenary is off to next. Regardless of the uncertainty, what's guaranteed here is that the second film will up the ante with its action sequences so that it can be just as good if not better than the original.

For now, fans can catch Hemsworth reprise his role as Thor Odinson in Thor: Love and Thunder on July 8.

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