Xfire Expertise

Red Team

Our staff, dubbed the 'Red Team,' is responsible for producing all our guides, from top to bottom. We understand that not everything in a game may be clear initially, which is why we're here to help new and experienced players alike.

We keep close tabs on everything new in the gaming community, especially with respect to Call of Duty, as we are all gamers ourselves. Our goal is to provide value to players, so we look for the most pressing community questions rather than making up what to cover in our guides as we go.

Our main objective is to create in-depth walkthroughs and articles for our readers, ensuring every little detail is covered. You won't need to look at any other guide once you've gone through one of ours.

On The Front Lines

We believe in integrity and credibility when it comes to all of our work, and that includes our guides, which are all original. As mentioned before, we play every game we cover ourselves, which not only helps us dive into the game and experience everything it offers, but also see first hand what possible challenges would warrant extra explanation.

When our writers tackle our guides they draw on their own in-game experiences, so they know exactly what to look for and what obstacles a player might encounter. Our creators try to be as concise as possible while still providing the bigger picture.

Thanks to our creators being on the front lines, they can relate and create detailed guides with complete instructions, steps by step walkthroughs, and even pre-requirements of any in-game activity. That's how we're confident enough to say you won't need other guides.

We do all the groundwork and research ourselves, too. All the guides are produced in-house, all the way from from playing the game through recording video content and finally writing and editing.


The guide creators and video editors work closely together to ensure that the visuals and the written guides complement each other. The steps you see in the video guide will always align with our website's text guide.

Our guide creators record everything in-game, followed by taking high-resolution original screenshots of all the necessary steps of the subject to complement the written guide. Our creators make sure to cover every single puzzle and step as thoroughly as possible.

Guide creators never skip even the "simplest" of the steps as we understand that while a step may be simple for one, it may be completely new for others.

While our guide creators work on finishing up the written guide, our video editors are hard at work editing the video guide covering the same subject. Despite having a written guide, our editors ensure that closed captions are included, so viewer can make better sense of what's going on in the video. Some players might not be interested in visiting the website, and that is totally fair. They can simply go through the video guide and still understand all the steps.

Our video guides are published on our main Youtube channel, Xfire, with Call of Duty specific guides being published on our DownSights channel.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. We understand how the meta is constantly changing in certain games, like Call of Duty. One day your Grau is the most overpowered weapon, helping you beam enemies across the map, then suddenly you've got double barrel shotguns with dragon breath rounds to one-shot enemies.

The meta of any game never stays the same, and, generally, neither does the in-game content. More and more games are taking a live service route and constantly evolving through their life cycle. We understand this and work hard to ensure our guides are always up to date, reflecting the current state of the relevant game.

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