Capcom's Exoprimal is coming to Game Pass at launch

Microsoft continues to strike third-party partnerships for the Game Pass, this time securing Exoprimal as a day-one title.

We found out via an earlier leak that Capcom will release Exoprimal on July 13. But, at the Capcom Spotlight showcase, the studio confirmed the not-Dino Crisis remake is also coming to the Game Pass at launch.

Fans are still bummed that Capcom isn't working on a Dino Crisis remake.

The upcoming live-service multiplayer co-op shooter, for some reason featuring a futuristic sci-fi setting and dinosaurs, is a huge gamble for Capcom. It's a tough time to release live-service games following the closure of several similar titles such as Marvel's Avengers.

But, Capcom is pushing through. Not only that, but Capcom will hold an open beta from March 17-19, so if you're curious, you can go and have a look.

The premise of "cool robots fighting dinosaurs" is enough to draw in a handful of gamers who will try it out, especially now that it'll be on Game Pass as well.

There's zero chance that Exoprimal is a Dino Crisis remake hiding in plain sight.

Judging from the March 2023 presentation, Exoprimal is hinted to feature time travel, body doubles, and maybe a storyline that goes deeper than just taking out dinosaurs.

Exoprimal will feature multiple modes such as Dino Survivor, Dinosaur Cull, and Energy Taker with unique objectives. It will also have PvP and a cosmetic-only battle pass.

The game is currently available for pre-order for $60 with a few exclusive skins as a bonus if you do so. The more expensive digital deluxe version of Exoprimal throws in a premium version of the game's battle pass.

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