Ex-Rockstar Games employee leaks details about Bully 2 and 3

Don't get your hopes too high up, the planned sequels to one of the most iconic games from the 2000s has likely been canned at this point.

A sequel to Bully would make for an excellent contrast to the likes of Hogwarts Legacy.

Amidst all of the noise and speculations, the sequel to Bully, and a potential threequel, stand out as arguably the more interesting revelations in the gaming world over the past week. 

When Rockstar Games unveiled Bully in 2006, the concept was as controversial as it was groundbreaking. Transplanting the notorious GTA formula to the tumultuous grounds of Bullworth Academy, we no longer navigated through criminal underbellies but instead, aimed slingshots at unsuspecting peers. The protagonist was no longer a hardened criminal but a young troublemaker, in a realm that felt more Dead Poets Society than Scarface. It quickly gained a cult classic status.

Yet, two decades on, whispers have circulated with all the fervor of schoolyard gossip about potential sequels. Recently, these whispers gained steam when a former Rockstar employee, Jon Young's LinkedIn profile was unearthed. Beyond the standard fare, two titles stood out: Bully 2 and Bully 3. This leak didn't merely bring the legend back into the foray; it added a second chapter – the enigmatic Bully 3. Had Rockstar envisioned a trilogy for its schoolyard escapades?

Unfortunately, with how expensive video game development has become, Rockstar Games might never revisit Bully.

Young's tenure, stretching from 2005 to 2018, positions him squarely within the studio during Bully's heyday. His credits also extend to the yet-to-be-revealed Grand Theft Auto VI, which, as per his own resume, has been in-development for almost a decade since 2015. But it's the Bully titles that raise eyebrows.

Previous leaks hinted at Bully 2's development and subsequent shelving. The sequel was believed to have been pulled in favor of Max Payne 3. Yet, Bully 3's very existence is a conundrum. Was it an ambitious plan that never saw daylight, or perhaps a typographical error in Young's profile?

With that said, given Young's role in Rockstar's research department, it's likely he was involved in early pre-production phases. By this logic, it's conceivable that while Bully 2 might've progressed into later stages of development, Bully 3 may have remained just a twinkling in Rockstar's eyes. Some insiders suggest Bully 2 had at least six hours of playable content before its untimely end.

We can only hope that a developer somewhere out there takes inspiration from the Bully franchise and makes a "spiritual successor."

Parallel to the Bully saga, Rockstar's behemoth GTA VI continues to stir intrigue. If rumors are to be believed, Rockstar started conceptualizing GTA VI barely two years post the release of its predecessor. The scale of this next venture will dwarf all before it, as per recent info, with multiple cities and an unmatched level of intricate detailing. Of course, with grandeur comes anticipation, and fans are excited, especially after the recent leak hinting at a potential 2024 holiday release if not reveal

Indeed, the trajectory of Rockstar's titles has been a roller-coaster. Recent times saw a collective groan around the re-release of Red Dead Redemption on the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Yet, the promise of GTA VI and the legend of the Bully series keep fans hooked.

Whether or not Bully 2 and 3 will ever become reality remains shrouded in mystery. Rockstar's strategy, historically, is one of unpredictability. Perhaps, once GTA VI graces the gaming landscape, Rockstar might revisit the hallowed halls of Bullworth Academy.

Until then, like eager students awaiting summer vacation, the gaming world can only hold its collective breath. 

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  1. while i would love to see it come back they likely never will cause our culture in america is too damn sensitive now

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