Ex-DICE devs form a new studio named TTK Games

The newly formed studio will be working on a "new, next-generation online shooter" for the current-gen platforms.

Gamers are always looking out for the next big first-person shooter. While Ubisoft’s XDefiant is being hyped as the new kid on the block, a newly formed studio composed of industry veterans is working on a next-generation online shooter hoping to give the likes of Call of Duty a good run for its money.

Lars Gustavsson will be leading TTK Games as CEO and creative director.

Former DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson announced the formation of a new studio called TTK Games. TTK, short for "Time to Kill", is focused on developing a next-generation online shooter.

Gustavsson worked at DICE for 22 years and was known as 'Mr. Battlefield'. He helped shape the franchise from its early days until departing the studio last year after a major leadership shakeup. Gustavsson will lead TTK as CEO and creative director.

Joining TTK as co-founders are Daniel Berlin, Vidar Nygren, and Peter Hoyles. Each of the co-founders has experience working on Battlefield titles.

Berlin worked as a game designer for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 before joining DICE as lead world designer and design director for multiple Battlefield titles. He will serve as senior design director for TTK.

Nygren spent 25 years at DICE, directing the development of the Frostbite game engine. He was the head of technology for the studio as well. Nygren will take on the role of chief technology officer and technical director for TTK Games.

Finally, the TTK art director Hoyles had a 12-year stint at DICE where he worked as a studio art director and contributed to multiple Battlefield games.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Gustavsson shared that TTK’s founders want to build a more flexible studio.

"Instead of just jumping on the dessert and start building a game, we took our time to start laying a foundation… so that when we start bringing people on board, people feel that they’re at a large company in terms of professionalism and safety but also the fun parts of being a small, nimble studio with a blank canvas to fill," Gustavsson shared.

The co-founders of TTK Games all worked on multiple Battlefield titles.

TTK’s game director also explained the inspiration for the name of the newly formed studio.

"For players, the phrase ‘Time to Kill’ defines how a shooter feels and how fast it plays," Gustavsson explained. "We’ve made it our studio name and part of our studio culture. For us the term ‘TTK’ isn’t just about the craftmanship behind finding the perfect speed or immediacy of a game – it’s about how human beings have been killing time through play for thousands of years."

He adds, "Throughout my career, I’ve made games to encourage teamwork, friendly competition, and using your mind and reflexes to accomplish a goal and outwit your opponent. We are passionate about videogames, because we think there’s no better way to kill time."

TTK Games is currently recruiting professionals from all disciplines to work for the Stockholm-based studio.

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