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How To Evolve Toxel In Pokemon Sword & Shield

How To Evolve Toxel In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Toxel is a Generation VIII baby Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is a dual-type Electric / Poison-type and evolves differently from other Pokemon. Instead of a straightforward evolution into a specific Pokemon, Toxel evolves into two different forms of Toxtricity, each with a different nature: Amped Form and Low Key Form.

Toxel In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Toxel is a tiny lizard Pokemon with a horn that resembles a lightning bolt. It stores poison in a sac and secretes the poison during battle. The same poison can also produce electricity which travels through its skin.

Stat Value
HP 40
Attack 38
Defense 35
Special Attack 54
Special Defense 35
Speed 40

Toxel's total combat points are 242.

Where To Find Toxel?

How To Evolve Toxel In Pokemon Sword & Shield
Easiest way to get a Toxel

The best way to capture a Toxel is to visit the Pokemon Nursery on Route 5. This area is only accessible after defeating the leader of the Grass-type gym at Tuffield, Milo.

Upon reaching the Pokemon Nursery, head inside and there is a woman with a Toxel. She will just hand over the Toxel to you, as a gift, after a brief conversation.

Toxel can also be caught in the wild. Toxel resides in the Wild Area and you can see them walking around, just interact with them to initiate a battle. In Route 7, you can capture a Toxel in random encounters.

In Wild Area, Toxel only appears during specific weather conditions at precise locations. Toxel appears during Thunderstorm at Giant's Cap, Hammerlocke Hills, Stony Wilderness, and Motostoke Riverbank. It appears in Sunny, Raining, or Thunderstorm weather in Bridge Field.

The table below gives a breakdown of Toxel's chance to spawn.

Location Weather Level Range Chance to Spawn
Motostoke Riverbank - Overworld Thunder Lv. 26-28 5%
Bridge Field - Overworld Normal Weather Lv. 27-29 5%
Bridge Field - Overworld Raining Lv. 27-29 15%
Bridge Field - Overworld Thunderstorm Lv. 27-29 05%
Route 7 – Non- Overworld Normal Weather Lv. 36-40 25%
Route 7 – Non- Overworld Overcast Lv. 36-40 25%
Route 7 – Non- Overworld Raining Lv. 36-40 25%
Route 7 – Non- Overworld Thunderstorm Lv. 36-40 25%
Route 7 – Non- Overworld Intense Sun Lv. 36-40 25%
Route 7 – Non- Overworld Snowing Lv. 36-40 25%
Route 7 – Non- Overworld Snowstorm Lv. 28-40 25%
Route 7 – Non- Overworld Sandstorm Lv. 36-40 25%
Route 7 – Non- Overworld Heavy Fog Lv. 36-40 25%
Stony Wilderness - Overworld Thunderstorm Lv. 28-30 10%
Stony Wilderness - Non Overworld Thunderstorm Lv. 26-28 40%
Stony Wilderness (2) - Overworld Thunderstorm Lv. 28-30 10%
Giant’s Cap - Non-Overworld Thunderstorm Lv. 26-28 30%

How To Evolve Toxel To Toxtricity

How To Evolve Toxel In Pokemon Sword & Shield
Low Key Form Toxtricity

Toxel evolves into Toxtricity at level 30. Toxtricity is an Electric / Poison Pokemon and is lizard-like, standing on its hind legs.

Toxtricity is colored Purple and known for the punk-rock like spike on its head. Toxtricity is strong against Water, Grass, and Fairy-type Pokemon. Its attacks have status effects like poison and paralysis.

Due to Toxtricity's ability to paralyze, it is perfect to bring along in capturing wild Pokemon. Paralyzed Pokemon are easier to weaken and the odds of catching them are increased.

Below is a table showing Toxtricity's stats.

Stat Value
HP 75
Attack 98
Defense 70
Special Attack 114
Special Defense 70
Speed 75

The total combat points of Toxtricity is 502.

As we said above, Toxel can evolve into either an Amped Toxtricity or Low Key Toxtricity. This is dependent on the nature of the Toxel upon evolving. In order to check what nature your Toxel is, simply check its summary.

If your Toxel has any of the nature in the table below, it will evolve into that particular variant of Toxitricity.

Amped Form Low Key Form

Amped Form Versus Low Key Form

How To Evolve Toxel In Pokemon Sword & Shield
Amped Form Toxtricity

As to their appearance, the Amped Form Toxtricity's color scheme is yellow and purple, while the Low Key Form Toxtricity's is blue and purple.

Physical appearance aside, Toxtricity variants differ only in their two attacks.

At level 52, both forms learn their final attacks. For the Amped Form Toxtricity, it can learn Shift Gear. Shift Gear is a Steel-type attack that raises the attack and speed of the Amped Form Toxtricity.

Low Key Form Toxtricity learns the Magnetic Flux. Magnetic Flux can increase both the Defence and Special Defence of a teammate that has the Plus or Minus ability.

At level 20, the Low Key Form Toxtricity learns Veno Drench, while the Amped Form Toxitricity learns the Venoshock.

How To Get Gigantamax Toxtricity

Gigantamax Forms of Pokemon change their appearance. Such Pokemon also gain access to the special G-Max Move. Only select Pokemon can have the Gigantamax Form and one of these Pokemon is Toxitricity, in both variants.

Gigantamax Toxtricity variants can be fought in Max Raid battles. You can try your luck in catching one of them in these fights.

Gigantamax Toxtricity will appear in Pokemon Dens in Wild Area. If you are unlucky and can't seem to spawn a Gigantamax Toxtricity in these dens you can use a Wishing Piece to force one to appear.

How To Evolve Toxel In Pokemon Sword & Shield
Toxel in a battle

Toxel In Other Media

As of November 2020, Toxel and its evolution, Toxtricity, only appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield. They are yet to be added to Pokemon Go.

Toxel is also yet to be introduced in the anime. However, it made a cameo appearance in a special episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings miniseries.

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