Is Evil Dead Rise streaming on Netflix? Where to Watch the Lee Cronin reboot

Evil Dead Rise received high praise from both critics and fans alike, presumably kickstarting a new age for the iconic horror franchise.

Evil Dead Rise might have just secured a brighter and scarier future for the franchise.

Evil Dead Rise, the second attempt to reboot the Evil Dead franchise, has been a massive hit ever since it came out on April 21. But, as it was always meant to hit streaming services exclusively, it's only fair for fans to wonder if it's already available for streaming. If you're one of those hopeful fans, we've got good news for you. 

Those who prefer to scare themselves out of their pants from the comforts of their couches can finally stream Evil Dead Rise, but it won't come cheap.

Evil Dead Rise is currently available for streaming only on Vudu, where you'll have to pay a whopping $24.99 to watch it in SD, HD, or UHD.

To amp up the ante, Vudu released the first 10 minutes of Evil Dead Rise to give you a glimpse of what to expect from the film.

Evil Dead Rise will probably be available on Max in the next month or two.

As for subscription-based streaming services, we've got bad news for you. Evil Dead Rise is currently not available to watch on Netflix or HBO Max. It's not confirmed yet when Evil Dead Rise will be arriving on either platform but we have a guess it will make its way to the more popular streaming platforms sooner rather than later. HBO Max, which will be rebranding to Max, should be a safe bet as Warner Bros. Pictures was the one who distributed Evil Dead Rise.

Horror fans have been spoiled rotten in recent months with the success of Evil Dead Rise, M3GAN, and Scream 6.

The Evil Dead franchise, in particular, appears to be in very good hands with Lee Cronin at the helm. Warner Bros. Discovery hasn't given a follow-up to the Evil Dead reboot the green light yet but the director already has a couple of ideas on what to do in case it finally happens.

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