Evil Dead Rise gets final trailer ahead of April 21 premiere

Evil Dead Rise will be the second attempt to reboot the long-running franchise with neither Bruce Campbell nor Sam Raimi involved.

From a cabin in the woods to somewhere in the middle of nowhere, the Necronomicon now makes its way into the heart of Los Angeles.

Evil shall rise again on April 21 as the second attempt to reboot the Evil Dead franchise will finally hit theaters.

Fresh off the mind of Lee Cronin, best known for 2019's Hole in the Ground, the latest Evil Dead film will try to recapture the same unholy magic that made the first three Evil Dead films such classics.

Ahead of its wide theatrical release, Evil Dead Rise got a new trailer, and it's teasing a bloody good time:

Much like Fede Álvarez's feature directorial debut in 2013, Evil Dead Rise won't feature franchise stalwarts Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi in their former roles. Instead, both have signed on to be executive producers of the film.

While most "reboots" are mostly unknown, Evil Dead Rise already had a world premiere last March and 25 critics had plenty of good things to say about it.

Evil Dead Rise will change the series' iconic formula from a group of friends who discovered the Necronomicon to a family battling Deadites in a New York apartment. To further tug at the heartstrings of audiences, Evil Dead Rise will lean heavily into the "evil mom" trope as the now-Deadite mother terrorizes her own kin.

It's unclear what other surprises are hiding in Evil Dead Rise but we're sure that, somehow, an evil book, someone with a chainsaw, and relentless hordes of demons, are going to be involved.

Based on a limited sample, Evil Dead Rise is already the best-reviewed film in the franchise.

Speaking of Sam Raimi, the critically-acclaimed horror director might not have much time to come back and work on a new Evil Dead installment should the opportunity present itself. Following the success of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Raimi will reportedly be brought back to direct Doctor Strange 3, much to the chagrin of Bob Iger. Finally, Raimi confirmed that a Darkman sequel is currently in development.

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