Everywhere, a game by a former GTA producer, is as ambitious as it is vague

The former president of Rockstar North revealed what was easily one of the most confusing games at Gamescom 2022.

Leslie Benzies didn't create the Grand Theft Auto games on his own. However, Benzies played a big role in their creation. The former president of Rockstar North was the lead developer from GTA 3 all the way until GTA 5 and even GTA Online. So, when Benzies talks, everybody listens.

It's a shame that Everywhere had to be an NFT game.
It's a shame that Everywhere had to be an NFT game.

Benzies recently joined Geoff Keighley at the Gamescom Opening Night Live broadcast to reveal Everywhere, an ambitious and vague title that's as confusing as it is, well, interesting.

Keighley kicked off the two-hour livestream with the world premiere of Everywhere and it's gotten the gaming industry talking. Developed by Built a Rocket Boy Games, one of the developers described the game as a seamless multiplayer experience that aims to "build a whole new world for the next generation of gamers." The studio used other phrases such as an "open world that can be built out in every direction" with a focus on "what it means to represent yourself digitally."

TLDR; Everywhere is an attempt to create a game out of the metaverse concept.

An unrestricted open-world multiplayer game would have been heaven sent if not for the fact that Everywhere is an NFT game.
If nothing else, it's still not too late for Everywhere to backtrack and release it as a non-NFT game.

Just what exactly Everywhere is remain unclear. We didn't get any actual gameplay nor CGI animation to marvel at or keep us hyped. The entire presentation was full of mumbo jumbo about how the developers want to create a prettier and more robust creator platform than, let's say, Fortnite and Roblox. However, this skirting around words was intentional to hide the fact that Everywhere is an NFT game.

The gaming industry collectively has a negative view of NFTs. But, if nothing else, Benzies is well deserving of the benefit of the doubt. The man makes a living out of making some of the industry's landmark and most controversial games. At the same time, we can't help but raise our concerns about what he's trying to accomplish with Everywhere.

Microsoft and Valve have had unsavory things to say about NFTs. Other companies are starting to follow suit like Ubisoft and Blizzard. Square Enix still hasn't come around yet, but it's only a matter of time. Even Take-Two Interactive CEO, Strauss Zelnick, already confirmed that the company is staying away from NFTs for now after expressing his support for the technology.

If Benzies insists on pushing through with Everywhere, he'll arguably be the largest single name in NFTs, beating Dr. Disrespect by a large margin.

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