Everything we know about Black Mirror Season 6

Audiences will tell you that they want nothing more than to see Black Mirror return, but Netflix has yet to greenlight Season 6.

It's crazy to think that Black Mirror Season 5 came out on Netflix three years ago in 2019. What's even crazier is that the streaming platform only just renewed the addictive series for another season.

Everything We Know Black Mirror Season
Black Mirror currently has 19 episodes across five seasons.

After waiting for three years to find out when Black Mirror is coming back next, we're sure that you'd like to know more about the sixth season.

Scroll down below to find out everything you need to know about Black Mirror's future:

When did Netflix confirm Black Mirror Season 6?

Everything We Know Black Mirror Season
Black Mirror is one of Netflix's most critically-acclaimed original shows.

Netflix finally confirmed the return of Black Mirror in May, giving fans a chance to breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, the streaming giant did not reveal when the new season will come out nor did we get a short teaser trailer.

Also, Black Mirror almost always has a different release date for each season, we're better off just waiting for official news. If we were to guess, we won't see Black Mirror Season 6 hit Netflix until late 2023 if not early 2024.

Who are the Black Mirror Season 6 cast members?

Everything We Know Black Mirror Season
Black Mirror has had no shortage of marquee names sign up to join the show for at least one episode.

Thankfully, Netflix hasn't taken as long to reveal who will join Black Mirror Season 6 for at least some of the episodes.

Here's a list of all the actors and actresses that have currently signed on for Black Mirror Season 6:

Is Black Mirror Season 6 going to have as many episodes as Season 5?

Everything We Know Black Mirror Season
We're hoping that Black Mirror Season 6 will have "better" episodes after Season 5 bombed with critics.

Black Mirror's first two seasons had 3 episodes each while seasons 3 and 4 had 6 episodes each. The latest one, Season 5, had 3. If we go by the "pattern", Black Mirror Season 6 could have 3. However, we're hoping that Season 6 will have more episodes compared to Season 5 to make up for the long gap. If not, Netflix should at least try to come up with something to tide audiences over until Season 6 of Black Mirror comes out.

Will Netflix release another Bandersnatch-like episode before Black Mirror Season 6?

Everything We Know Black Mirror Season
Black Mirror ranks high among critics as one of last decade's best shows.

We should, but Netflix nor the series showrunner, Charlie Brooker, has followed standard norms, so it's all up in the air. Netflix has done a great job so far with the special episodes for Black Mirror that come out in between the odd-numbered seasons. We wouldn't mind waiting for Season 7 if Netflix wants to stick to a "pattern" but we're also hopeful Netflix has something up its sleeves for fans who've been waiting for more Black Mirror episodes for a long time.

What else do we know about Black Mirror Season 6?

Everything We Know Black Mirror Season
Black Mirror Season 6 will be wasting an opportunity if it didn't tackle the topic of the pandemic.

As an anthology series, it's impossible to predict what will happen in Black Mirror. It doesn't help that Brooker is an enigmatic individual who plays coy all the time in interviews. We've heard the word "cinematic" used to describe the production quality of the next season, so there's that.

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What's probably guaranteed at this point is for Black Mirror Season 6 to draw parallels in how much technology has integrated into society. The COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for work-from-home to become the norm, among other things, which is another topic that Black Mirror could focus on next.

Does Charlie Brooker have other projects outside of Black Mirror Season 6?

The ever-mysterious creator of Black Mirror doesn't have a full slate. After the release of Cat Burglar in February, Brooker's only upcoming project is the sixth season of Black Mirror. We wouldn't mind seeing him write the still-unconfirmed threequel to Netflix's mockumentary series, "Death to 2020" and "Death to 2021".

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