Everything you need to know about Outriders' Worldslayer expansion

TLDR; there's more Outriders content coming in 2022 and possibly, beyond.

It appears that People Can Fly and Square Enix still have plans for Outriders. Although the looter-shooter is not a live-service title, its unprecedented success has prompted the studios to release more content. The result is two massive updates that are coming to the game. The first one is already available, which introduces a new Transmog system to Outriders along with several other changes. The second one, Worldslayer, was merely teased and won't be available until sometime in 2022.

There's more Outriders content coming soon.

If you'd like to know more about the upcoming Outriders expansion, be sure to read below.

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When is Outriders' Worldslayer expansion going to release?

For a non-live-service game, Outriders is getting an awful lot of updates.

As detailed in their earlier broadcast, People Can Fly will continue to provide updates for Outriders including a brand new story expansion that's due to come out sometime in 2022. Unfortunately, we don't have any specific date details outside of the release window provided by the studio.

What's new in the Worldslayer expansion?

Fans are now wondering if People Can Fly has anything else planned for Outriders.

While People Can Fly focused on the immediate upcoming content for Outriders, it didn't leave fans hanging without much else to go on. Case in point, during the announcement, the expansion's teaser sees a mysterious woman walking up to the Outrider to ask them how many they've killed just to reach "us". Judging by her looks, she doesn't appear to be part of the Pax. Most likely, she's one of the Altered and is covered by some form of ooze.

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According to People Can Fly, Worldslayer will take place in "the furthest reaches of Enoch", which means that you can expect the expansion to take gamers to never-before-seen places and fights against completely new enemies in unique terrains.

Are more coming to Outriders?

Worldslayer's announcement generated a ton of questions from Outriders fans.

At this point, only Square Enix and People Can Fly know what the plans for Outriders are. However, we wouldn't be surprised if People Can Fly releases more content in between the New Horizons update and the Worldslayer expansion. Outriders might no longer be making headlines these days, but given the positive reception to the latest Outriders update, the game should enjoy a bit more time in the limelight once again.

Outriders Community Manager Robbie Palmer also encouraged fans to stay tuned to the game's social media channels for updates, suggesting that there's more coming to Outriders in early 2022.

TLDR; there's more Outriders content coming in 2022 and possibly, beyond.

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