Here's everything revealed at the Resident Evil Showcase

If we're being honest, Capcom's Resident Evil showcase lacked the "it" factor compared to Silent Hill.

Capcom dropped a bunch of new information about the upcoming Resident Evil games in a recent showcase.

Everything Revealed Resident Evil Showcase Scaled
At the very least, Capcom guaranteed that Resident Evil fans have something to look forward to in the next six months.

Similar to their previous reveals in June and last April, Capcom used this time to shine the spotlight on future Resident Evil projects, including the Resident Evil 4 remake. But, before we get to the remake of the best Resident Evil game, let's head back to Resident Evil Village first.

After the GOTY 2021 nominee ended with Ethan Winters' death, the DLC will star his now 16-year-old daughter, Rose. The Winters' Expansion is part of the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition package, but Village owners can buy it individually as well. In addition to more story content, the DLC adds a third-person mode for the main campaign and more Mercenaries mode content. It will be out by the 28th, so you won't have to wait for too long to find out why Rose will head to the village that Ethan destroyed.

Resident Evil Re:Verse will come out on the 28th as well. It's free if you own a copy of the base Resident Evil Village or the Gold Edition. Capcom confirmed that Re:Verse will support crossplay at launch.

Curious Village owners can check out Re:Verse starting on the 24th during its early access period.

Everything Revealed Resident Evil Showcase
Capcom continues to hide Ethan Winters' face from audiences for some reason.

Speaking of Village, it will be available on Macs on the 28th as well. The Winters' Expansion DLC will come to the Mac version of Village at a later date. Capcom has also announced the release dates of the cloud versions of Village (October 28) and the Winters' Expansion DLC (December 2) as well as the Resident Evil 2 (November 11) and 3 remakes (November 18) and Resident Evil 7 (December 16) for the Nintendo Switch.

Finally, the "star" of the Resident Evil showcase, Resident Evil 4 Remake, is available to pre-order right now ahead of its March 24 launch. To celebrate this occasion, Capcom dropped a new cinematic trailer that sees the return of familiar faces and scenes from the game, such as the lake fight and so much more. Unfortunately, Resident Evil 4 Remake isn't confirmed for the Xbox One but it will come out on the PS4. Not only that, but the PS4 version comes with a free PS5 upgrade.

While it was quite an eventful showcase, we've no doubt that fans expected a bit more from Capcom after Silent Hill dropped the mic yesterday. The "other" progenitor of the survival horror genre is set for a big revival in the coming years with Silent Hill F, Silent Hill: Townfall, Silent Hill: Ascension, as well as Silent Hill 2 Remake and a live-action film, Return to Silent Hill.

Everything Revealed Resident Evil Showcase
A re-run of Village in third-person mode would make for quite a different experience, all things considered.

Hopefully, Capcom has something bigger in store for Resident Evil outside of another potentially doomed live-action adaptation.

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