Here is everything new included in the September 1 GTA Online weekly update

Rockstar Games' latest update adds more than just a bunch of Sprunk-themed prizes.

Are you drunk on Sprunk and eCola yet? If not, then Rockstar Games is giving Grand Theft Auto Online a fizzy drink-themed update.

Don't forget, Sprunk and eCola drinkers have until September 14 to prove which drink is better.

Rockstar just introduced a ton of new content to GTA Online as part of the September 1 weekly update. In addition to all the themed prizes, other new additions include races cars, and much more.

Here's a quick round-up of the GTA Online September 1 weekly update.

New Hao Special Works races

Rockstar adds six new Hao Special Works races to GTA Online as part of the September 1 update. Players can access them through the GTA Online menu via the "Rockstar Created Jobs" tab.

Vigero ZX

This powerful muscle car that's reminiscent of the Chevrolet Camaro is finally available in GTA Online for $1,947,000.

The Vigero ZX has the following stats:

  • Top speed: 4.2
  • Acceleration: 4.5
  • Braking: 1.6
  • Traction: 4.9

New Car Meet Prize Ride

Land a top two finish in Pursuit Races for two days straight to get your hands on a Mamba, a classic GTA car based on the AC Cobra.

New Diamond Casino Podium Car

The Ocelot Locust ($1,625,000), which takes inspiration from the 2015 Lotus 3-Eleven and Aston Martin CC100, is the new Diamond Casino Podium Car for this week.

New Premium Test Ride

The Grotti Turismo Classic, a retro car based on the Ferrari F40, is in the special parking spots at LS Car Meet and will serve as Hao's Premium Test Ride of the week. You'll need to buy an LS Car Meet membership from Mimi and a copy of the next-gen version of the game.

The latest GTA Online should be more than enough to keep players busy until September 8.

Luxury Auto cars:

  • Overflod Imorgon
  • Annis S80RR

Simeon’s Showroom cars

  • Banshee
  • Landstalker XL
  • Vigero ZX
  • Beater Dukes
  • Mesa

New RC Bandito Time Trials

Win $100,000 in prize money by beating the 01:53:00 par time in this week's RC Time Trial at the Vespucci Canals.

New Regular Time Trial

Earn the top prize for the Vinewood Hills regular time trial by beating the event in less than 01:26:00.

Bonus GTA$ and RP Rewards

  • Gain 3x RP and GTA$ by completing Hotring Circuit Races
  • Gain 2xRP and GTA$ by completing the Hunting Pack Adversary Mode, HSW Races (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X), and Request Bunker Research
  • You can also get a 2x Speed Boost on Bunker Research this week

Other bonuses, discounts, and unlocks

  • The "Green Tint Oversize Shades" are available in GTA Online this week
  • 50% discount for the Comet Safari ($355,000), Beater Duks ($189,000), and Hakuchou Drag ($488,000)
  • 40% discount on BUnkers, Bunker Renovations, and Bunker supplies as well as the Starling ($2,194,500), S80RR ($1,545,000), Dune FAV ($510,000), Banshee ($63,000), and Desert Raid ($417,000)
  • 30% discount on Baller ST ($623,000) and HSW Upgrade Costs
  • GTA$100,000 reward for all players with an active Prime Gaming subscription who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account and play GTA Online this week

In other GTA news, a fan created a fake GTA 6 map to prove how easy it is to fool everyone. Also, some players believe that Rockstar has been using GTA Online to drop hints about GTA 6 the whole time.

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