Everything New Coming in the PS5 April 2021 Update

Five months. That's how long it's been since Sony released its newest flagship console, the PlayStation 5. While the stock shortage continues, Sony is continuing to work hard to make the PlayStation 5 better, including adding its latest and first-ever major software system update.

The first big update to the PlayStation 5 isn't as massive as expected, but it's a huge step in the right direction for Sony.

The update, which is set to arrive on April 14, 2021, will add a number of new features and improvements to the PlayStation 5.

Here's a quick rundown of everything new in the PS5 April 2021 update.

What’s New in the PS5 April 2021 Update?

Storing PS5 Games on External Drives

Since the console launched, critics and audiences alike have criticized Sony's decision to use a smaller storage drive for the PS5. Although many agree that the proprietary storage drive is functionally a lot faster than the one used on the Xbox Series S/X, the real-world performance difference isn't enough to justify at least one AAA title's worth of storage space.

It also doesn't help that the Xbox Series S/X already has at least one external storage drive supported that's out right now, while the PlayStation 5 has none.

Luckily, thanks to the latest update, players can now store PS5 games on supported external hard drives. The new feature will let players transfer their game data straight from their PlayStation 5 and directly to their external drives to free up some space. Even though the feature still won't let players boot games directly from the external drives, it's still a welcome addition.

As a bonus, the latest update also makes it possible for users to customize how many photos and videos the system takes automatically whenever a player achieves a new Trophy. This should help cut down on the amount of other media stored internally on the PS5.

Improved Social Features

Going forward, PS4 and PS5 players can now use the "Share Play" feature together and chat in parties. This effectively lets PS5 users share their screens to PS4 users or even let their friends on the PS4 try out their games via Share Play, and it works the other way around too. The update will also let players share screens with friends and pass virtual controllers. This way, players can play co-op together with their friends or even let their friends play the game for them.

In addition to this, joinable game sessions will also appear on both the PS4 and PS5 to make it easier for friends to play together. Similarly, players will no longer need to send an invitation, more with players now able to jump in on their friend's gameplay session via the "Request to Join" option.

More Customization Options on the PS5

The update introduces faster and more convenient access to important features. At the same time, it's also easier to turn notifications on/off, disable in-game chat, as well as adjust the voice chat volume of players individually. Also new in the update is the pre-download feature. This will let your console update or download games automatically. All players need to do is to enable the "automatic updates" setting even if it is in rest mode.

Other new additions include better game library personalization options, more screen magnification adjustment settings, as well as an all-new trophy settings and stats screen.

PlayStation App Update

Thanks to the updates made to the PlayStation App, PS4 or PS5 owners can now save products in a wishlist and receive notifications whenever one of their friends go online. Players will also now be able to change the online status of their consoles remotely. Coming in the next few weeks are other features like the ability to join multiplayer PS5 sessions and manage the console storage, among many others, straight from the app.

What’s Next for the PlayStation 5?

It's nice to know that Sony hasn't forgotten about making the PlayStation 5 even better. Although it's already a great console, ongoing tweaks and optimizations will always be necessary. Not to mention, the storage issue still exists. Hopefully, Sony does live up to its promise and makes playing directly from a supported external storage drive possible soon.

With that said, the first major update for the PS5 is definitely a step in the right direction. All we need now is more stocks so that more people can actually start enjoying Sony's newest flagship console.

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