Everything We Know about Sentinels of Light - Live in League of Legends

The Sentinels of Light Event drops in the new patch 11.14, with a new Game mode and Sentinel Skins for League of Legend players.

Following a new cinematic after Viego retrieves part of Isolde's soul from Senna, the Sentinels of Light must now fight against the Harrowing and save the world of Runeterra from the Ruination. As Viego spreads the Mist all over Runeterra, both Senna and Lucian seek new characters to join their fight. The Sentinels of Light chases Viego, trying to find part of Isolde's soul all over the map.

The Lore

Viego retrieved Isolde's soul in Senna.

The story beginnings of the Sentinels of Light can be read through the Client Event. You will be presented with multiple choices, similar to a visual novel. However, these choices will not impact the story greatly. Instead, you can follow the story of Senna and Lucian as they recruit more members for the Sentinels of Light. Below is a breakdown of the story so far. Beware, this section will include spoilers for the lore of the game.

Chapter 1

Vayne is fighting a Ruined Shyvanna.

In the first chapter, Lucian and Senna flee back to their old headquarters. Both Senna and Lucian find you, and you are responsible for the Wayfinder, which can teleport the Sentinels back to base. You follow Senna and Lucian to Demacia, where you find Vayne holding the line. Together, you pursue Viego, who retrieved a fetter, a fragment of Isolde's soul. The team fights against a Ruined Shyvana and retreats to the base.

After recruiting Vayne into the team, they quickly rush to Noxus. There, they find a Ruined Draven creating a Gladiator Fight for the Audience. The Sentinels of Light were captured but were able to escape thanks to Riven. Unfortunately, Viego got away with another fetter and the Sentinels come home with Riven as part of the team.

Vayne joins the Sentinels of Light.

Lastly, the team rushes to Freljord, where they find Olaf fighting a Yordle named Vex. Vex is currently working for Viego and wants to retrieve another fetter to resurrect Isolde. The team climbs up the cold mountain with Olaf and tries to stop Vex. However, they are too late and Vex was able to get the fretter buried in the ice. Olaf joins the team as a new member of Sentinels of Light.

Chapter 2

Viego is trying to resurrect Isolde from the dead.

In Chapter 2, the Sentinels of Light go to Ionia in order to find Irelia, who is protecting the land from the Mist. Instead they first find Karma, who is battling the Ruination and holding a fetter. They seek to bring the fetter to the Grove of the Ancients to protect it from the Mist. However, Karma was consumed by the Ruination and escapes to the Forest. Karma is completely consumed by the Ruination after telling the story about Viego and Isolde, saying that the fetter is part of Isolde herself.

The Sentinels of Light goes to Targon and tries to climb up the mountain to follow the Mist. Diana acted as the team's guide to the mountain but when they got up there, it is already too late. Viego has defeated Atreus and brought back Pantheon, the Aspect of War. The team retreats to a nearby cave and Diana almost succumbed to the Ruination before discovering the remaining Lunari. Both Diana and Irelia are now part of the Sentinels of Light.

Chapter 3

Both Senna and Lucian are trying to recruit new members of the Sentinels of Light.

In Chapter 3, the group head over to Piltover and Zaun, where they find that the city is still protected from the mist. However, this did not last long as the barriers fall and the mist slowly succumbs the city. There they met Graves, who tried to steal the fetter and sell it for a high price. The team tried to negotiate but instead, Vex snatched the fetter from Graves' hands. Angrily, Graves joined the Sentinels to get revenge on Vex.

After Piltover and Zaun, the team goes to Bilgewater, whey they meet Pyke, an undead that can't be harmed by the Wraiths. They also meet Miss Fortune, who currently has the fetter. The team goes to find Viego in a shed, trying to search for the fetter. However, Miss Fortune betrayed the team and gave the fetter to Viego and became ruined. Pyke helped the team by defeating Miss Fortune underwater but got unwillingly teleported back to the Sentinels' base. Senna hesitantly accepted Pyke into the Sentinels.

Viego is trying to get all the fetter of Isolde.

Lastly, the group goes to Ixtal to find Viego. The Mist has not gotten into the forest yet, and the group splits up to search for the fetter. You and Lucian group up, where you meet Rengar, who is heartbroken about being defeated by a couple of Wraiths. You also encounter Thresh, who offers a piece of information that can defeat Viego in exchange for the fetter. The group learns about a weapon in Shurima that can revive the dead, but when they turn around, the fetter is gone.

New Game Mode

Ultimate Spellbook is a new game mode where you choose another summoner's ultimate as your summoner spell.

Along with the release of the Sentinels of Light in patch 11.14, Riot also added a new game mode to commemorate the event. The Ultimate Spellbook is a blind pick game mode where you replace one of your Summoner spells into a character's ultimate. As you load into the game, the game will give you three characters ultimate to choose from. You have 30 seconds to pick one ultimate out of the three and you will have that ultimate instead of another summoner spell.

The extra summoner spell can be used before you level up to 6 and has summoner spell haste. This game mode's pace is accelerated as well, and you get more gold and start the game at level 3. Instead of a normal drake, you will get Mordekaiser's drake. Getting the soul will give you a chance to reanimate after dying, but your health bar will decay rapidly decay after a few seconds, so take advantage of this!

Client Event

The Client Event lets you explore the world of Runeterra in the hopes to stop Viego from resurrecting Isolde.

There is also another event available in your game client. Riot added a visual-novel-like client event that further explains the lore of the Sentinels of Light. You will act as the rookie of the team and responsible for the Wayfinder. Playing games and completing the required missions in the story will allow you to unlock the next chapters in the Client Event. Below are the rewards for each chapter:

Chapter 1

Senna and Lucian stop Shyvanna from completely ruining Demacia.
  • Sentinel Tokens
  • Sentinel Icon
  • Sentinel Senna Emote
  • Sentinel Vayne Icon
  • Sentinel Vayne Emote
  • Sentinel Riven Icon
  • Sentinel Riven Emote
  • Sentinel Olaf Icon
  • Sentinel Olaf Emote

Chapter 2

Karma gets overwhelmed by the mist and falls into Ruination.
  • Sentinel Tokens
  • Sentinel Irelia Icon
  • Sentinel Irelia Emote
  • Eternals Capsule
  • Sentinel Diana Icon
  • Sentinel Diana Emote

Chapter 3

You need to use special ancient relic weapons to defeat the Wraiths.
  • Sentinel Orb
  • Sentinel Tokens
  • Sentinel Graves Icon
  • Sentinel Graves Emote
  • Sentinel Pyke Icon
  • Sentinel Pyke Emote
  • Sentinel Rengar Icon
  • Sentinel Rengar Emote

Other Riot Games

Aside from League of Legends, Riot also released events featuring the Sentinels of Light in all of their other games. Below are events included in each Riot Game:


New Valorant Weapon skins are available, inspired by the Sentinels of Light Event.

Valorant is an FPS Hero Shooter made by Riot Games. In commemoration of the Sentinels of Light event, both Ruination and Sentinels of Light skin lines for its weapons were added. The Ruination skin is available for the Phantom, Spectre, Ghost, and Guardian. The Sentinels of Light are available for the Vandal, Sheriff, Operator, and Ares. Both skin lines have a melee weapon skin.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra lets you choose between Akshan or Viego in the battle pass.

Legends of Runeterra is an online card game made by Riot Games. Currently, the game offers a battle pass where you need to choose between the Ruination or Sentinels of Light side. Doing Quests and winning games gives you Crests, which is needed to level up your battle pass. Leveling up your battle pass will give you rewards such as a Viego Card for Ruination and an Akshan Card for the Sentinels of Light.

Wild Rift

You can level up your headquarters in Wild Rift to receive rewards such as free champions.

Wild Rift is the mobile game version of League of Legends. The game will add new champions. Lucian, Senna, Vayne, Irelia, Riven, and Akshan will be available throughout the course of the event. You can also unlock these champions for free if you keep playing in the event and increasing the level of your Headquarters. Six new skins will also be available in Wild Rift:

  • Sentinel Riven
  • Sentinel Irelia
  • Sentinel Vayne
  • Ruined Draven
  • Ruined Miss Fortune
  • Ruined Shyvana


You, as the recruit, can teleport the Sentinels back to base.

The Sentinels of Light is a huge, summer event produced by Riot. The Sentinels of Light event also comes in different Riot games such as Valorant and Wild Rift. You can advance the progress of the story in the Client Event by playing PVP matches and earning points. A new game mode called the Ultimate Spellbook is available for a limited time. The event runs from July 8 to August 10.

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