Everything you need to know about the Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ mode

As an ever-evolving battle royale experience, Warzone 2.0 is set to bring a brand new game mode when it arrives on November 16.

The rumors are true. Activision Blizzard took notes from Escape from Tarkov, bringing a new mode for the marquee first-person shooter series based on the extraction-style gameplay of the aforementioned title.

Everything About Call Of Duty Warzone Dmz Mode
The DMZ mode adds a ton of depth to the classic Warzone gameplay.

After being confirmed earlier this year, the DMZ mode will be available as soon as Warzone 2 launches.

But, what exactly is the DMZ mode?

This unique feature for Warzone 2.0 uses the same massive map as the base game, except it stations AI opponents across the map's Point-of-Interest, whose job is to protect the strongholds from looters. Players must infiltrate these areas to claim as much loot as possible to bring them back to the extraction point. But, it's not just a PvE game, the DMZ mode will bring your usual mix of real-world players as well.

Everything About Call Of Duty Warzone Dmz Mode
We're looking forward to the refinements to DMZ that will inevitably come in the future.

With presumably 100 other players who are after the same loot you seek, it's a fight to the death as you and your squad have to decide whether you'll go in aggressively or take out others from afar.

Make no mistake, the DMZ mode doesn't require you to kill. You can literally win in DMZ without firing a single shot. Remember, your goal isn't to kill as many as possible or be the last man standing, it's to get your loot to the extraction point and stay alive. However, just like your typical battle royale mode, camping is a very viable if not encouraged strategy in DMZ as opposing teams are very much welcome to camp out at the extraction point to score a win.

DMZ will also have a backpack system that starts with five items. Players can pick up larger backpacks as loot or buy them in Buy Stations. Having enough space in your backpack is important in DMZ as you'll need it to store necessary items as well as sell random junk for cash.

DMZ puts a lot of emphasis in raking in as much money as possible, likely because of the high-tier items at the Buy Station. For $12,000, you can avail of the Advanced UAV streak to find out where everyone else is hiding. You can also upgrade your backpack for $5,000 and get a two-plate armored vest for $7,500. Also, the vehicles of Al Mazrah will no longer have unlimited fuel capacity in DMZ, so you'll need to find gas cans or refuel at gas stations. Or, you can also just leave them behind as soon as they run out of gas and go on foot.

Another new feature of both Warzone 2.0 and the DMZ mode is a brand-new interrogation mechanic. You can apparently knock out opponents and "interrogate" them to find out the location of other members of their squad.

Finally, there's the DMZ-exclusive mode where players can revive eliminated squadmates who died anytime during the match. The game will mark dead teammates as a blue health icon and you can go to them whenever you're able. This should guarantee that players don't just jump in and out of matches after dying.

Everything About Call Of Duty Warzone Dmz Mode
We're still wondering how Activision Blizzard will handle Warzone 2.0, Warzone Caldora, and Modern Warfare 2, all being out at the same time.

November 16 is going to be huge for the Call of Duty franchise.

On top of the release of Warzone 2.0 and its all-new DMZ mode, it will mark the kick-off date of Modern Warfare 2. We'll likely find out more about Warzone 2.0 as we inch closer to its release. Speaking of, Treyarch confirmed that ranked play is coming to Modern Warfare 2 next year. 

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