Everything You Need to Know About Biomutant

THQ Nordic's penchant for creating some of the most memorable third-person action video games sees the Austrian studio publishing Experiment 101's Biomutant.

Yes, that is a mutant anthropomorphized cat-like creature wielding a toilet bowl brush like a sword.

Although the creator of the Darksiders franchise won't be developing the game, that doesn't make Biomutant any less interesting. In fact, Biomutant is arguably one of the more exciting games to release in 2021, with the game's developers describing the third-person action title as an "open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG."

If you'd like to know more about why so many gamers already think of Biomutant as a dark horse contender for Game of the Year this 2021, be sure to scroll down below.

Is There a Biomutant Trailer?

Yes. There are multiple trailers available for Biomutant that have been released over the years. However, what's consistent in most trailers we've seen so far is the game prominently featuring anthropomorphized animals fighting as if they are Kung-fu masters.

Throughout the multiple trailers of Biomutant, we're also treated to massive and vast landscapes, as well as the creatures that inhabit them. This includes everything from expansive black deserts to lush green forests that the likes of ravenous rabbits and numerous hostile creatures call home.

As dangerous as exploring the world of Biomutant is, the game does give players numerous options to defend themselves. For those who don't prefer to get up close and personal, there are numerous guns available. Of course, if you choose to avoid melee gameplay, you're missing out on arguably Biomutant's selling point. After all, where else can you find a game where you can use an oversized toothbrush?

Finally, what use would a huge open-world environment be if you had no cool means of traversing it? Thanks to the trailers, we now know that Biomutant will have numerous vehicles players can choose to ride on. This includes a giant robot squid that we premise that players will get a chance to ride on when out in deep waters.

Does Biomutant Have a Release Date?

After years of delays, Biomutant is finally set to release on May 25, 2021.

Biomutant has been one of the most delayed games in recent years. Initially revealed in 2017, THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 has pushed back Biomutant's release date multiple times already. After Biomutant did not release as planned in 2019, Experiment 101 took to Twitter in early 2020 to let fans know that they would only reveal a release date once they feel "confident about hitting that date and that the game is ready for it."

It would take nearly a year before THQ Nordic would reveal in a January 2021 interview that they intend to release Biomutant in the 2021 fiscal year, which meant anytime after April 2021 before Experiment 101 revealed the final release date, May 25, 2021.

What’s the Biomutant Gameplay Like?

Ambitious probably isn't enough of a word to describe what kind of game Biomutant is trying to become.

As mentioned earlier, developer Experiment 101 used the phrase "post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG" in the official description of Biomutant. It's a gimmicky way to describe your own game, but it's also fitting. From the numerous gameplay trailers available of Biomutant, we can see that the action-RPG isn't pulling any punches. It's an ambitious project that includes a system, named Mutations, where players can tweak and customize the genetic makeup of their own characters.

Because of how much detail is available about the Biomutant gameplay, we've decided to separate it into multiple sections for easier viewing.

The Story

In terms of post-apocalyptic worlds, Biomutant's take is rather different. Instead of a flood, meteor, war, or a more standard natural disaster, it was a massive oil flood that came from underground and destroyed the world of Biomutant.

So far, Experiment 101 has revealed minimal details about what the story of Biomutant is. However, the studio has emphasized just how important the choices you make in the game are. In particular, how many roots of the Tree of Life you manage to save and how many tribes in the game you managed to unite.

If this all feels familiar, it should more or less work like the Galactic Readiness scale found in Mass Effect 3.

An Omnipresent Narrator

One of the more unique aspects of Biomutant is that there's only one voice actor in the game. The omnipresent narrator will be responsible for narrating all of the deeds of the main character while also voicing every conversation you have with an NPC.

If we're being honest, it's not that bad of an idea. It sort of sounds like the narrator is reading a bedtime story.

Stats and Physique

Players will be able to create and tweak the genetic code of the protagonist at the start of Biomutant. This includes choosing how much strength, agility, vitality, charisma, and intellect, the game's main character will have, as well as how the character looks. However, how you shift the stats will also affect how your character looks. At the same time, the stats of your character can affect how well the protagonist can converse and persuade others to join the cause, weapon damage, movement speed, and more.


Biomutant's unique system, Mutant, affects what kind of power your character will pick up whenever it is expected to the wastelands scattered around the world. So far, we've seen abilities like telekinesis and a stun, among others.

Combat System

In one of their earlier interviews, a representative from Biomutant describe the game's combat system as similar to that of Devil May Cry. In particular, this refers to how Biomutant's combat relies a lot on mixing up melee and ranged attacks to land combos with a lock-on system.


Biomutant lets players use loot and supplies scattered all around the world to craft swords, staffs, pistols, rifles, and other kinds of weapons. What's unique about this is that the weapons created will retain part of the look of the materials used. This means that a sword could have a bent stop sign or a staff could look like the aforementioned giant toothbrush.

Multiple Endings

Whatever you do in Biomutant will affect the world. This is all tethered to a meter called Aura that goes back and forth between bad and good depending on what you do. Your actions will also affect how Biomutant ends. Also, as a side benefit to Biomutant's multiple days, Experiment 101 claims that they've used this time to expand on the game's script so that NPCs will react differently based on where your Aura is aligned.

Which Consoles Will Biomutant Release On?

Despite not necessarily having an official PS5 or Xbox Series S/X version, Biomutant looks every bit like how a next-gen game should.

Biomutant is confirmed to launch on PC via Steam, as well as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will also be available on the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X via backwards compatibility. However, there is no confirmed news whether an enhanced next-gen version will be coming. But, if it's any consolation, the developers did tease the possibility of next-gen enhancements being patched into Biomutant down the line.

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