Every Legendary in Pokémon Snap: What, Where, and How

Nintendo is the gift that keeps on giving. Although most gamers are looking forward to going back in time and playing Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Nintendo also released Pokémon Snap in the meantime to help scratch everyone's understandable Pokemon itch.

If you're lucky, you'll be able to get a couple of good snaps of Ho-Oh when he does decide to appear.

Unlike the upcoming open-world Pokémon title, Pokémon Snap is less about catching Pokémon and more about capturing these majestic creatures in photos in their natural habitats. Of course, because this is still very much a Pokémon game, players will still be able to take snapshots of Legendary Pokémon.

Join us below as we talk about what legendary Pokémon are in Pokémon Snap, where you can find the said Pokémon, and how you can snap them all.

How Many Legendary Pokémon Are In Pokémon Snap?

There are a total of 10 Legendary and Mythical Pokémon that you can snap in Pokémon Snap.

We recommend that you attempt snapping a photo of Legendary Pokémon only after you've finished the game and/or raised your research level high enough. Of course, no one's stopping you from attempting to do it earlier. It's just that some can't be found in Pokémon Snap yet until have at least a level three research.

If it's any consolation, some legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Snap will appear as you play through the game's main story.

Every Legendary in Pokémon Snap Guide


As easy as it is to snap a photo of Shaymin, it's fairly easy to miss it if you're not paying attention.

Speaking of finding Legendary Pokémon by chance, Shaymin is most player's first Legendary in Pokémon Snap. In total, you'll have about three chances of finding Shaymin. The first one is when you go to the Florio Nature Park at night. Near the end of the stage, you'll find a field of flowers with a Crystabloom hidden under the floors on the right-hand side. Just hit it with an Illumina Orb and Shaymin will come out.

The second way to draw out Shaymin is to go to the Florio Nature Park during the day as you'll likely find Shaymin near Pichu and Grookey just hanging out. The third and last is the cliff where Meganium looks around. Just keep on throwing Illumina orbs at the top of the said cliff until Shaymin shows up.


Celebi is also another Legendary in Pokémon Snap that's more than happy for you to take a picture of it.

Just like Shaymin, Celebi is one of the easiest Legendaries in Pokémon Snap to get a shot of because all you have to do is to go through the main path in Elsewhere Forest. There's a huge chance that you'll find Celebi on your first go around. But, if not, all you have to do is to revisit Elsewhere Forest and just continue.

So long as you don't take any shortcut or stray from the main path, you'll find Celebi saying hi to you, ready to be snapped at your convenience.


Getting a shot of Mew in Pokémon Snap is relatively easy. A good snap though is an entirely different story.

Similar to Celebi, Mew is just begging you to take a few good shots of it. The only difference is that Mew takes a bit more work to appear. It's not too hard though. All you have to do is to head on over the Founja Jungle at night. Once you have control, turn around and you'll find two Morellull looking back at you.

Make sure that you use Melody as fast as you can as this will make them dance. After which, a purple orb will appear that you'll have to hit with a Fluffruit. After a second, Mew will pop out, much to your delight.

After you've done this, Mew will also start appearing at the beginning of the Founja Jungle during the daytime.


Finding Ho-Oh in Pokémon Snap requires a whole lot of luck and patience.

Ash's first-ever legendary Pokémon sighting is arguably also the most random in Pokémon Snap. Unlike other Legendary Pokémon that have a set location or trigger, Ho-Oh appears at random anywhere in the Fireflow Volcano Stage.

Your best chance of capturing a good shot of Ho-oh is to keep your camera pointed at the sky and hope that Ho-Oh graces you with its presence.


Xerneas is considered as the final "boss" of the main campaign of Pokémon Snap.

Another Legendary in Pokémon Snap that won't make your life as a Pokémon photographer difficult is Xerneas.

All you have to do is to go through the Ruins of Remembrance, hit the Illumina spot, and Xerneas will appear to mark the end of your journey. However, you'll want to come back for it later on, especially if your research level isn't high enough. Xerneas will allow you to get better shots of it later on once you've upgraded your research level.


Can you dare tell us that you wouldn't die for a snap of Jirachi being this cute?

Jirachi is also another easy target in Pokémon Snap, albeit it'll only be available after you've beaten the game. Jirachi can be found at the Ruins of Remembrance and will basically fly in front of you as soon as you enter. This is just about as easy as snapping a Legendary in Pokémon Snap can get.


Diancie is another legendary in Pokémon Snap that you'll only get a shot of after you've finished the game.

After hitting research-level three, Diancie should be on top of your Pokémon Snap list. This legendary Pokémon can be found at the Outway Cave in an alternate path that leads to a cave full of crystals with a Mawile hanging out with two Carbinks. Once you've tagged all three of the said Pokémon with an Illumina orb, Diancie will appear and open up a new path for you to take.


It's hard to miss where to find Manaphy once you know how to find it.

Manaphy is another Legendary in Pokémon Snap that you'll find once you've finished the game and unlocked Maricopa Reef. Simply travel through this stage at night and go on an alternate path that leads you to a place where there's a lot of Lapras. From there, simply hit all of the Lapras with an Illumina orb.

You'll know that you've done this successfully when two Lapras will stop side by side with each other. After this, just hit it with your melody and a Manaphy will jump out of the water so that you can snap a photo of it.


Getting a good shot of Lugia is a lot more difficult than getting to it.

Lugia is one of the hardest Legendary in Pokémon Snap to get a snapshot of because of how hard it is to reach it.

For starters, the only way to get a photo of Lugia is to beat the game first and research level three on your research. After which, you'll have to go to the Lentil Seafloor, unlock the alternate route by hitting the Clawitzer with an orb, and follow the path until you find a Lanturn, which you'll then have to use an Illumina orb on so that it will sink.

Don't be scared. Doing this will trigger a sequence where a bevy of water-type Pokémon, including a Wailord, will obscure your view for a few seconds. Following that, you'll spot a Lanturn hanging out with a Frillish far from you.

This is where things get tricky. You'll need to hit the Lanturn with an Illumina orb so that it can lead you to a secret cave. Make sure that you scan the cave so that you can unlock it for future use. In any case, Lugia will be sleeping inside the cave. You can snap a shot of it right there and then. But, if you want better shots, you'll have to risk disturbing it with a few Illumina orbs.


So long as you've got good aim and patience, you'll eventually get a good shot of Suicune.

Last, but definitely not least, is Suicune, which is easily the most difficult Legendary in Pokémon Snap to get a photo of, and even then, all you'll get is nothing more than a glimpse.

The first step towards capturing this majestic creature through your lenses is to go to Shiver Snowfields in the daytime and look to your left. You'll find an Alolan Sandslash there. Make sure that you take a photo of it. After this, the Sandslash will pop up again on a hidden cliff to your left, which you'll have to snap a photo of it again. The last time that Sandslash will pop up is near the wall of snow that Swinub is attempting to climb. This time, Sandslash will open up an alternate path for you to take and scan.

The reason why we're making you do this is to make it easier for you to go back to the same place at night later on, which takes us to our second step.

At night, go take the alternate path until you find a Crabominable attacking a tree with an Abomasnow nearby. Use your Illumina orb to hit the Crabominable and a Frosslass should appear just a few moments later. Make sure that you snap a photo of it and it will lead you to another hidden area that you'll have to go through.

Near the end, you'll find a Jynx on top of an Avalugg. Aim true and hit the Jynx with an Illumina orb to make Suicune appear in all of its glory.

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