Every confirmed Halo Infinite vehicle so far

Halo Infinite is going to bring in a healthy mix of fan-favorite vehicles once it arrives on December 8, 2021.

Microsoft's premier shooter, Halo, was built on the backs of its tight gameplay mechanics, immersive world, and the lore-rich universe. Not to mention, Halo's multiplayer has always been as good if not better than its single-player campaign. Halo gives players a wide arsenal of weapons to work with and an assortment of vehicles that can range from zippy and fast to downright overpowered.

Vehicles have always played a key role in Halo games. Don't expect Halo Infinite to be different.

This is why, among many other things, fans are looking forward to the vehicles that will be in Halo Infinite.

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What kind of vehicles will be in Halo Infinite?

Fans are just dying for a chance to drive vehicles in Halo Infinite.

Before anything else, we'd like to remind you that Halo Infinite is a live-service game. So, if in case you couldn't find your favorite Halo vehicle on our list, don't worry. It might not be available at launch, but 343 Industries could add it in the future.

With that said, here's every Halo Infinite vehicle that's confirmed to appear in the game.

  • Banshee
  • Chopper
  • Ghost
  • Gungoose
  • Mongoose
  • Razorback
  • Warthog
  • Rocket Warthog
  • Scorpion
  • Wasp
  • Wraith

As you might expect, 343 is launching Halo Infinite with fan-favorite vehicles. However, any hardcore Halo fan will know that our list is still missing a handful. For example, there's no Revenant, Spectre, and Prowler there. UNSC vehicles like the Hornet, Mantis Walker, and even the Gauss Warthog are also not included. These are just some of the vehicles that might not appear in Halo Infinite at launch but could be added in future updates.

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Speaking of updates, 343 industry recently held Halo Infinite's second playtest. The first of two multiplayer previews saw players figure out ways to use the grappling hook, otherwise known as the Grappleshot. Unfortunately, players haven't had a chance to test out several of the vehicles on the list above. The silver lining here is that this lack of vehicular warfare might end soon.

343 already confirmed the Big Team Battle beta for next weekend's flight test. If we're lucky, we might just see vehicles in action by then.

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