Eric Kripke wants Hideo Kojima to make a The Boys game

The Boys' showrunner's statement comes after Kojima revealed that he'd come up with a similar concept for a video game.

As much as we and Amazon would love to see a video game adaptation of The Boys, it will not happen anytime soon. But, if Eric Kripke is on board and Hideo Kojima says so, who are we to complain?

It would be awesome to see how Hideo Kojima would adapt The Boys into a video game if the project ever sees the light of the day.

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The exciting development comes just days after Kojima confirmed that he'd come up with a game with a similar concept to Amazon's hit superhero spoof series. Unfortunately, after he saw a few episodes of The Boys, Kojima shelved the project and moved on. But, after Kojima's tweet went viral over the internet, it attracted the attention of the right people, like The Boys' showrunner as well as Homelander's actor, Anthony Starr.

"Please come make a #TheBoys game," Kripke tweeted in a response to Kojima with Starr tweeting, "Second that notion."

Kojima isn't a stranger to offbeat video games that don't follow traditional norms. The Metal Gear franchise is your atypical stealth action video game as Kojima refers to its genre as "stealth espionage." Not only that, but Kojima most recently worked on Death Stranding, which is even odder than Metal Gear. Dubbed by its fans as a walking simulator, the basic premise of Death Stranding is that you're a courier who delivering supplies to isolated areas and reconnecting the rest of the United States with each other.

If someone had the chops to make a video game based on satirical source material like The Boys work, Kojima would be at the top of the list.

For now, we'd settle for a guest appearance of Homelander or any of The Boys' stars in a fighting game series like Injustice.

If we're being honest, it's impossible for The Boys video game by Kojima to happen. After all, Sony owns the right to The Boys. If Kripke and Kojima are on board, the latter has enough pull with the tech giant to get a chance to pitch the project. If that happens, then all bets are off. But, if this does push through, fans will have to wait for a long time. Kojima Productions is currently working on a sequel to Death Stranding and a cloud-based game for Xbox as well as an unannounced Death Stranding spinoff.

For now, audiences can look forward to watching the last two episodes of The Boys Season 3.

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