Epic Games Store Free Games for March 2021 Confirmed

Epic Games continues to keep PC gamers yet another reason why they should download their digital games distribution platform, Epic Games Store, and hopefully choose it over Valve's more popular offering, Steam.

At this right, the Epic Games Store could very well end up being a legitimate competition to Steam.

How? By giving away free games.

All users have to do is to download the Epic Games Launcher, claim the games off of the Epic Games Store, and that's it. No strings attached.

So far, Epic Games have given away a mix of underrated titles and AAA classics. This includes Metro: Last Light and Rage 2.

Most recently, Epic Games Store made the real-time strategy video game, Wargame: Red Dragon, available for free and it will continue to be so through next week.

While that's still going on, Epic Games already have PC gamers excited for yet another free title to come next.

What's The Next Free Epic Games Store Game?

After Eugen Systems' real-time strategy game, the Epic Games Store will give away Surviving Mars, by Haemimont Games.

The city-building simulation title tasks players to build and maintain a livable, thriving community. The only catch? You'll have to do it on Mars.

In Surviving Mars, players will have the unfortunate luck of having to balance managing any resource imported from our home planet, Earth, and make sure that it gets to Mars so that the colonists survive and thrive.

However, while players are busy trying to make sure that everybody's happy, it also features some pretty interesting if mysterious storylines that they'll get to uncover as they play.

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One particularly interesting feature in Surviving Mars is the terrain. This is because it's modeled after the actual planet itself. It uses available data on Mars to map out the in-game planet's terrain, which should help up the immersion factor in the game.

March Feels Like a Late Christmas Present

Free games seem to be the theme for March 2021. It's not just the Epic Games Store that's giving players even more of a reason to stay at home and keep on playing.

For example, Microsoft is giving away four titles to Games with Gold subscribers this week. This is in addition to the other Xbox Game Pass freebies. Meanwhile, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to claim as many as 5 games in total this March. This includes 4 PlayStation Plus freebies, including Final Fantasy 7 Remake, as well as 1 more as part of their Stay at Home initiative.

In other news, the KINGDOM HEARTS series will launch on the Epic Games Store this March 30, 2021.

This will serve as the first time that the entirety of Square Enix's series of action role-playing games, that occasionally cross over with other franchises from Disney and Pixar, as well as Final Fantasy, will be available on the PC platform.

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